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Providing Loving Care for Aging Parents

Following is a guest post on providing loving care for aging parents. Our guest writer incorporated experiences from other families, as well as her own. Our guest writer resides in another country. Although not “American English,” her language has been left as she wrote it, to retain the integrity.

As a final note: our guest writer is assuming some memory or dementia issues. While not all senior parents experience these, many do. We felt it best to leave the article inclusive of this assumption. Please read on for information on providing loving care for aging parents.


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Here we will be discussing what precautions should we take when considering loving care of  aging parents at home. As we are well aware of their situation at such age when they are more emotional and sensitive than they used to be. Indeed, as at this age, people suffer from different problems like memoryless, breathing problems, confusion, suspicious, fearful, communicating with others and much more. In addition to that, we should not rush at them regarding anything as their mentality and sense of thinking weakens with the passage of time, like when they are at such age. The main thing that helps them feel happy is your company. Yes, YOUR company. You must spend some of your time with them and take well care of them. It is being said;

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

loving care for aging parents

Below, it is explained quite a good that how you can give loving care for aging parents.

We must set up our environment to such a standard that may not harm them from any perspective. Also, we must look after everything while setting up into an environment where they are completely safe. And, we must pay special attention to garages, workrooms, basements, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Also include outside of areas where there are more likely to be tools, chemicals, cleaning supplies and other items that may require supervision. In addition to that, we should hide the circuit breakers and gas valves at such a place where only your approach is possible. Use those appliances that have an auto shut-off feature. Try to keep them away from the water sources such as water tanks and sinks.

In case of these little precautions, we can avoid serious problems and injuries. But still, no one knows when’s going to happen what so we must make a list of all the emergency stations for any situation to be ready already. We should keep a list of emergency phone numbers and addresses. These should include local police and fire departments, hospitals and poison control helplines to handle any kind of such situation on facing.

In order to avoid them going outside in out of your presence, install locks either too high or low in order to avoid them opening it. With this precaution, you can ensure that they do not wander outside without you knowing as it is pretty common these days with the people with unconscious minds.

More Physical Protection, loving care for aging parents

In addition to avoiding injuries, take good care of the floors while furnishing. It shouldn’t be too slippery or too hard to walk on. Just a casual floor to avoid them being slipped. Same as in the bathrooms where the floor is too slippery due to use of water. You can make a separate bathtub with good edges where accidents are ensured not to happen.

Use of carpets in the bathrooms may help you forbid being slipped even with the water on as it would suck the water and make the surface more reliable to step on. Make some supports as well in order to help them carry it to walk more easily. You can add more lightning to entrance and exit areas and especially at the stairs to make them climb on easily.

Also, set up the lighting to such a standard where they feel no hesitance to walk on.

It happens to the people at such age when they get unable to watch clearly even with the glasses on as their brain dims down the lights when they are too bright. Indeed, providing loving care for aging parents means keep them safe.

Electricity breakdown is too common these days. You must set up a good standard of circuits and switches which have an automatic breaker to control the current and to stabilize it when required. By following this precaution, you can avoid a serious problem like a cause of fire up.

Due to the criminal activities these days, people have started to keep weapons with them in order to use them when needed. In case you have a weapon at home, keep in mind to put it in such a place where they can’t even sense it. Keep the weapons far from their approach. Keep the weapons locked till it’s required to grab them out and use.

Medication concerns for loving care of aging parents

Medication is must for many at such age. Therefore, you must put them away from them and medicate them according to doctor’s advice, must be in your presence. Never let them take the medication on their own as they can’t actually know when to take what. Keep the pesticides and items that contain poisonous substances in it.

Remember to keep the temperature in according to the season.

Likewise, consider the food and water. It mustn’t be too hot or cold to eat. Install coolers and heaters at your home at a place where there is no access to them. Use of fire may be dangerous to heat up the place, therefore installation of good heating and cooling system would be best for them and you to avoid any injury.

Apply for the same course with their bedding and resting places. Install their bed at such a height where they can climb on or off easily.

By following the listed precautions, all you can do is avoid the accidents. What else? You. Yes, you. You are what matters to your aging parents the most. As it’s been said earlier that your company satisfies them the most. What counts the most, is your behavior with them. Remember, never talk to them in an offensive tone and never shout at them. This would won’t make them any good and it may cause depression to them which counts as the worst disease at such age. It is being said;

“There are scars that never show on the face, that is deeper and more hurtful than anything that hurts, which is depression.”

The more time you spend with them, the more they live their time. Never be too harsh with them no matter what the circumstances are. Remember, no matter what, they once cared and looked after you. They brought you at this age when you can live your life with your own will and ability to do what you wish for.

Loving Care for Aging Parents? How could we not aspire to such?


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Remember one thing in your life;

“What goes around comes around”.


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