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Best wheelchair cushions for elderly loved ones


The more time my Dad needed to spend in his wheelchair, the more determined I was to find the best wheelchair cushion for his comfort. But finding the best wheelchair cushions for elderly loved ones often presents a challenge. Most wheelchairs need extra cushions on the seat and even the back and arms for comfort. Even a sturdy chair often feels uncomfortable without these pressure-reducing helps.

The more time my Dad needed to spend in his wheelchair, the more determined I was to find the best wheelchair cushion for his comfort.

When the wheelchair is a necessity.

No one likes to use a wheelchair until they require aid with movement. People using wheelchairs spent most of their time sitting on the chair and for many activities. So, they need optimum support from the wheelchair to distribute the pressure evenly and to prevent pressure ulcers and uneasiness.

Another vital reason to use a premium cushion for a wheelchair is that it offers a stable platform, improves pelvic stability (especially for seniors), and encourages correct postural alignment. With time, an elderly with incorrect sitting posture may develop various skeletal deformities.

Having said, our guide aims to provide assistance and other necessary info that you will need when buying the best wheelchair cushion for the elderly. So, keep reading this article to find our choices for the best wheelchair cushions for elderly men and women.



Most wheelchairs come with very little padding.



In this guide, you will find:-

  • Eye-opening Case study about the subject matter
  • Why the best cushioning for wheelchair matter?
  • What to look out for when buying the wheelchair cushion for seniors. 
  • 7 Best wheelchair cushion for elderly – Product Reviews
  • Final Thoughts 


Learn about:

  • The need for wheelchair pads for elderly patients.
  • How wheelchair seat cushions help prevent pressure sores.
  • Why some might need to use a coccyx seat cushion for extra comfort.
  • How the gel seat cushion differs from foam padding.
  • How to choose the best wheelchair seat cushions for your elderly loved one.
  • Understand why the wheelchair cushion material matter to total comfort.
  • How to choose the right wheelchair cushion and why it might need replacing at times.


Eye-opening Case study

“A recent study in the US based on 230 seniors using a properly cushioned wheelchair and adequate sitting posture for about seven hours a day states that chances of pressure ulcers at the ischia tuberosity were significantly less than to the people using a standard wheelchair cushion.”

As seen at Researchgate and as a follow-up to the 2016 study and article, the type and positioning of a wheelchair cushion offers an incredible difference in the comfort and health of our elderly loved ones.



Why should you use it, and does it matters?

The comfort level for old seniors matters when they spend most of their time sitting in a wheelchair. A comfortable cushion can make that time more relaxing for you while reducing other deformities.

The properly cushioned wheelchair also improves your sitting posture. And also reduces the risk of sliding from the wheelchair. With the right cushioning, you can perform everyday chores and talk to others comfortably.

Similarly, the soft and well-designed wheelchair cushions also prevent pressure sores, which are terrible and can cost you hefty treatment bills if it gets worse. In fact, pressure sores may lead to terminal health problems.

However, they are preventable.

Our elderly loved ones need not suffer the pain and health issues. The best wheelchair cushions elderly people need are readily available.

To simplify, the best wheelchair cushion for the elderly matters, regardless of how long they sit on the chair. But the longer they use it, the more critical the choice becomes.


What to look out for when buying a Wheelchair Cushion for seniors

Now that you know why you should buy it, it’s time to understand how you should buy it. Let’s check out some of the most crucial factors that you must keep in mind when purchasing one.


Best wheelchair cushions for elderly

Wheelchairs can go over rough terrain but without cushions are less comfortable.


Wheelchair cushion types

Not all wheelchair cushions are made from the same materials. Below are some wheelchair seat cushion types that you will commonly find in the market:

Foam Cushions.

This is the most used material for wheelchair cushions. It differs in thickness from brand to brand. The foam materials are well-suited for those who want basic comfort and doesn’t use a wheelchair for a long time.

Gel Cushions.

According to the consumer reports and reviews, these are a perfect type of cushions for pressure sores. Gel cushions have a gel pouch located at the top of a foam base. Usually, this cushion is a bit heavy than the others, and you might feel the additional weight on the wheelchair. The gel cushions also provide reliable support to atrophied muscles.

Air Cushions.

As the name states, the air is the only support in them. These cushions come inflated to provide quick pressure relief. Air cushions or inflated cushions work like gel cushions, and the main difference between the two is the use of air. Plus, these are lighter than the gel cushions; hence you can easily carry them.


Selecting the Best wheelchair cushions for elderly people

Now that you know which cushion type suits you the most, let’s move on to discuss some other factors.


The primary reason to use a wheelchair cushion is to make your sitting time more comfortable. Usually, when you buy a wheelchair, they have flat seats without adequate cushioning, and some of them are extremely uncomfortable to sit. With a soft and proper cushion, you can increase the comfort level. Type of cushion plays a vital role here, so keep in mind when buying and ensure that you are buying a comfortable cushion for your wheelchair.


A stable wheelchair cushion keeps your balance and eliminates the risks of sliding out from the chair. This also comes in handy when you are performing various tasks while sitting on the chair. In this regard, your new wheelchair cushion should be thick enough to keep you balanced on the chair. Here we would also advise you to look for the one that has a slip-resistant bottom.


Due to temperature and excessive moisture, your wheelchair can get uncomfortable in no time. So, when buying a wheelchair cushion for the elderly, look for the one that keeps optimum airflow to prevent soreness and sweat.


Keep in mind that not all cushions are made for one purpose. You will come across different cushions with several other features. So, remember why you are buying and how you will use them. Some are best for pressure relief, and some are designed to improve your sitting posture. Ensure that your new wheelchair cushion is as per your exact need and serve you well.


Wheelchair cushions have different dimensions. There is nothing like the universal size in them. So, before finalizing your decision, consider the dimensions of your wheelchair and cushion. Some cushions have limited weight-bearing capacity, and if you put more weight on them, they will lose their original shape shortly.


Cost is essential no matter what you are buying. Usually, wheelchair cushions have a reasonable price, and it’s worthy of your investment, especially when you look at the benefits they offer. But at the same time, you should not spend loads of money to buy a new wheelchair cushion. Cheap wheelchair cushions for the elderly are not advised as they can make sitting more uncomfortable. So, look out for the brand reputation and read some reviews, and we are sure you will easily find the one within your budget.



Our Choice for the Best Wheelchair Cushions Elderly People Need

So, are you ready to buy a perfect wheelchair cushion? Whether you want a cushion that helps prevent pressure sores or looking for the best one on the market, we’ve something for everyone. Below, we will review the best-rated wheelchair cushions for the elderly available on the market. We will discuss each of them in detail, along with their features, specs, benefits, etc.


Pillows with A Purpose Cozy Seat Cushion with Back Support



The Pillows with a Purpose Cozy Seat Cushion with Back support features a hypoallergenic seat cushion covered with a poly-cotton cover filled with blown slick polyester fiber. This expertly made wheelchair cushion provides relief for people who are suffering from pressure sores. Not only does this cushion work well, but it is one of the most affordable wheelchair cushions of its type on the market.

The Pillows with a Purpose Wheelchair cushion features a washable cushion that can be spot cleaned or machine washed.

Apart from users who have mobility issues, this Pillows with A Purpose Cushion is also ideal for active users and seniors looking for a cushion with low maintenance. If you want maximum support and comfort, consider this full-body cushion. These offer a good solution for home care and healthcare facilities.

Users give this cushion a high rating for its total comfort and support. They also rate it high for being lightweight and portable.


  • Provides full cushioning for the seat, back, and arms
  • Complete body comfort with pillowy soft feel
  • Portable and lightweight; travels well
  • Needs low maintenance; spot clean or machine wash
  • Hypoallergenic with soft, poly-cotton cover


  •  Because it covers the entire torso, it might feel cramped to some
  • Only available in white
  • Not water resistant


Active Care Comfort Total Chair Cushion



Next, we have Active Care’s Comfort Total Chair Cushion.  Wheelchair users are prone to pressure sores. This cushion was designed to reduce the pressure from the body, seat, back, and arms. It also reduces the soreness and numbness that often results from sitting for long periods of time.

Furthermore, the generously sized cushion works well in your wheelchair or other armchairs.  It’s quite portable and can travel with you to indoor or outdoor events.

Lastly, the cushion is a polyester/cotton blend cover over polyester fiberfill. To wash, simply toss it into your washing machine (cold water wash is recommended) and line dry.


  • Supports and cushions the entire torso, back, seat, and arms
  • Very comfortable cushioning to reduce the chance of pressure sores and discomfort
  • Durable; can be machine washed and line dried
  • The dark blue color blends in with most wheelchairs
  • Stays in place well with little to no slippage


  • Some people find it too soft


VIVE Wheelchair Cushion (Xtra-Comfort Series)



The Vive wheelchair cushion comes with everything that you want in a wheelchair cushion to prevent pressure sores. This large cushion is entirely waterproof, and you can use it with standard wheelchairs or any other chair in your home.

The cushion features four comfort layers, and as it is a Gel cushion, so the first cushion layer features a gel that adopts your body posture and evenly distributes the weight. The cushion also helps to release stress from all pressure points on your coccyx.

The second layer contains durable foam material that is thick and stays firm while providing optimum comfort while you are sitting in a wheelchair. The third layer includes waterproof seals that guard it against accidental spills and getting wet. Lastly, the fourth layer is a cushion cover that prevents it from dirt and debris. The cover is also water-resistant and removable.

Overall, the cushion is light-weight and straightforward to carry. The dimensions are wide and long enough to cover the standard wheelchairs easily. Lastly, for your peace of mind, makers offer a 60-day unconditional guarantee on the purchase.


  • Features durable design that will not lose its original shape or firmness with usage.
  • The perfect blend of gel and the thick foam provides softness and superb comfort.
  • Four different layers make it exceptionally soft and comfortable.
  • Foam is thicker than the others on the market.


  • Some users said that the Gel and foam combination is too soft.


Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion, Cool Gel Memory Foam



Are you looking for the best wheelchair cushion to prevent pressure sores? This wheelchair cushion from Kieba prevents pressure sores and make your sitting much more comfortable.

The cushion contains orthopedic grade memory foam that provides relief from back pain and optimum comfort to your wheelchair. You can also use this cushion with normal chairs, bench, car seats, or even when you are sitting on the floor.

The cushion features an advanced cooling gel technology that maintains your body temperature and also reduces body heat. Moreover, this semi-round wheelchair cushion also encourages correct sitting posture, keeps your spine aligned, and evenly distributes your body weight.

The memory foam used in the cushion’s manufacturing is of premium quality, and it will not lose its shape or get flatten with the usage. This firm density also offers extra support to your spine and lower back. This wheelchair cushion comes with a breathable, zippered velour cover that you can remove for quick cleaning.

Lastly, the base is slip-resistant on all surfaces, and during your movements, the cushion will remain in place.


  • Provides maximum relief and superb comfort.
  • It features therapeutic grade memory foam.
  • The cushion’s base is non-slip.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Durable wheelchair cushion.
  • The cushion encourages correct sitting posture.


  • Not suitable for over-weight people.
  • It comes without a carrying handle.



Drive Medical 14886 Skin Protection Gel “E” Wheelchair Seat Cushion



The Gel “E” 3″ Wheelchair Cushion with Gel Bladder is a stress-reducing wheelchair cushion that helps in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Its gel bladder surrounded by a high-density memory foam offers improved pressure reduction while providing reliable support to your body. Moreover, the foam’s shell is also fire retardant.

We also find this Drive Medical wheelchair cushion best to prevent pressure sores. This wheelchair cushion will keep you relaxed while providing reliable support to your body. Moreover, you can use it on all surfaces apart from your wheelchair, such as office chairs, dining chairs, or even when you are at the stadium.

The gel and foam combo also elevates stress from those pressure points and make your sitting comfortable that it was ever before.

Lastly, it comes with a washable cover made up of urethane-coated nylon. The cover is resistant to water and washable. The base is non-slip vinyl and firmly keeps you in position. It also features a carrying handle that makes it simple to carry from one place to another. Overall, it is the best wheelchair cushion for the elderly that you can get at an affordable price.


  • Distributes weight evenly and also helps to treat pressure ulcers.
  • Effortless to use and wash.
  • The cover is waterproof and highly breathable.
  • The cushion is waterproof.
  • Affordable than the others.


  • A few stated that the cover is slippery.


Xtreme Comforts Large Seat Cushion with carrying Handle and Anti Slip Bottom



If you are using a standard padded wheelchair that creates pressure and pain on your spine or you have incorrect sitting posture or spine alignment, or you feel a decrease in blood circulation, this Xtreme Comfort’s large seat cushion can help.

This large wheelchair cushion for the elderly features two layers of foam and stays firmly in place. Moreover, the foam is of high-quality, so it will not get flatten with time. No matter how long you sit in your wheelchair, the foam will not lose its shape. The cushion is well-designed and evenly distributes your body weight to keep you comfortable. It also helps to reduce stress and pressure from your back and hips while you sit in your wheelchair.

This large wheelchair can also help if you have sciatica, pain in your tailbone, pressure sores, and other orthopedic issues. It also helps to maintain the right sitting posture by keeping your spine aligned when you are sitting.

Furthermore, the built-in handle is handy, and you can securely move it from one place to another. The cushion is suitable for other normal chairs, car seats, plane seats, etc. It comes with a mesh cover that allows for consistent airflow to keep you cool and free of sweat even you sit for hours. Lastly, the mesh cover is also machine washable for quick cleaning.


  • Comes with a washable mesh cover.
  • Features multi-layer foam design to contour your body’s shape.
  • The foam is durable and will not get flat.
  • To keep you stable, it has a non-skid bottom.
  • Comes with a carrying handle.
  • The cushion’s size is large.


  • A bit expensive as compared to the others.
  • A bit firm/hard.


DMI Seat Cushion for Wheelchairs



The DMI seat cushion is another durable wheelchair cushion that serves the only purpose for which it is designed, and that is to offer the best comfort to the person sitting on the cushion.

Moreover, the DMI cushion features a durable high-density foam that keeps the wheelchair’s seat in its original shape even after years of rugged usage. This high-density cushion gives you a pleasant and soothing experience every time you use it.

Portability is a vital factor in any wheelchair cushion, and this DMI seat cushion is easy to carry and move due to its light-weight design. To be precise, it weighs only 8.8 ounces. This cushion can also help a lot if you need reliable support for your back or you have sensitive skin or a problem with your sitting posture while sitting on the chair.

We also liked this wheelchair cushion because it gives you multiple options in terms of thickness. You can pick as per your exact needs and preferences between 2, 3, and 4 inches. In this way, you can get a customized experience.

Lastly, this large DMI wheelchair cushion comes with a removable poly/cotton cover. And like others, you can also wash this wheelchair cushion cover in a washing machine.

All things considered, indeed, it is one of the best wheelchair cushions for the elderly that gives optimum support and relief from skin breakdown and pressure sores.


  • It has multiple thickness options.
  • Affordable than the others.
  • Durable cushion.
  • Maintains its shape and withstand rugged usage.
  • Portable wheelchair cushion.


  • No color options.
  • The cushion is not entirely waterproof.



Best wheelchair cushions for elderly

Our loved ones are happier with proper wheelchair cushions



Final Thoughts 

A well-designed wheelchair cushion gives the users a point to improve their positioning and enjoy optimum comfort. The wheelchair is not the most loved place to sit for hours, but for the elderly, it is a must-have piece of equipment. So, why not make their sitting experience more comfortable with the best wheelchair pad?

The perfect wheelchair cushion also provides pressure relief and ulcer prevention; it can also help with the right postural alignment. But before buying the best wheelchair cushion for the elderly, it is suggested to get your physician’s recommendation, especially if you are dealing with any orthopedic problem.

All the products mentioned above are tested and come from reliable brands and will make your sitting experience more comfortable and relaxing. So, what are you waiting for just pick one of the best wheelchair cushions for your loved one. They will enjoy a relaxed life while sitting in their wheelchair.


Best wheelchair cushions for elderly


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