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5 Best Walkers for Elderly: Our Top Choices


Our 5 best walkers for elderly loved ones details our top choices for a wheeled walker for your senior loved one to stay safe and keep active.

The aging people or seniors need helpful technologies, such as wheeled walkers or rollators, to move and live independently. The walkers also reduce the risk of falls as it improves the users’ gait mechanism, which is quite helpful, especially for the elderly.

Accidental falls or falls while walking is a significant issue in seniors. According to a survey, one-third of the seniors (above 65 years) fall once in a lifetime, and half of those (above 70 years) fall every year.

For seniors suffering from various mobility issues due to any reason, walkers or rollators can be lifesavers and help them to remain mobile and active.

However, like any other device, one should know how to use them correctly and what to look out for when buying one. Keep in mind your particular needs, or if you feel necessary, consult with your physician before selecting a wheeled walker.

And for others, we present the best walkers for the elderly on the market today. But before we move on to our review list, do you know how to use it? Let’s check that first.

How to Walk with Walker


Some Basics 

If you’re using a wheeled walker, ensure that all wheels are on the ground before putting your weight on the walker.

The second is to look ahead while you are walking, not your feet.

Always use a chair to stand and sit easily.

Don’t forget to adjust the walker as per your height. Keep the handles around the level of your hips. Your elbows should be a little curved when you grip the walker.

Now walk with your walker:

Slowly push or lift your walker (don’t rush) a few inches in front of you.

If possible, try to step ahead with your weak leg.

Then move ahead with your stronger leg, and place it in front of the other leg.

Repeat these steps to move forward, and please move gently but steadily with a correct body posture, and keep your back in an upright position.

Sitting to standing with a walker.

Place your walker with the open part in front of you.

Ensure all wheels are touching the ground.

Now, learn a bit forward and stand up by using your arms. Never pull or tilt the walker’s position when standing up. You can use the armrests or handrails. Still struggling, seek help from others.

If you are comfortable, hold the handles firmly.

Sometimes, you’ll have to take a step forward while standing up.

After standing and before moving, ensure that you are steady and ready to walk.

Stepping Up or Down on stairs

When you want to walk up or down the stairs, follow these steps:

Place your walker on the stairs ahead of you when going up. Keep it under the steps when going down.

Ensure wheels are on the ground.

When going up, use your strong leg first. Put your body weight on the walker and then put your other leg on the step.

When going down, use your weak leg first. Put your weight on the walker and then use your other leg down beside your weak leg. And climb!!

Benefits of a Walker

There are many reasons for the elderly to use walkers; here are some of them:

It improves your balance and reduces the risk of falling.

Provide support to the weak muscles of seniors.

Allows elders to move safely, especially when they have less control over legs or feet.

Reduce pain during walking or standing.

Assist elders while sitting down or standing up.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Walker for Elderly

Generally, the best walker is the one that is as per your specific needs and serves the purpose well. However, the features of walkers differ from brand to brand. So, below are some vital things to take note of when buying a walker for seniors:

Types of walkers

Usually, walkers have five different types and which one to use depends on your requirements. If you are not sure, take advice from your physician about the options.

Standard walker.

Standard walker comes with four nonskid legs for better stability. This is the safest walker type for people who are likely to fall forward while moving, but it is mostly used for shorter distances.

Two-wheel walker.

The two-wheeled walker features wheels on two legs (front). It is helpful if you are looking for some weight-bearing aid.

Three-wheel walker.

The three-wheel walker offers reliable support, and it has a light-weight design and more maneuverable than others. It is best suited for people having limited strength.

Four-wheel walker or Rollators.

These walkers are the best for seniors who don’t want to learn to remain balance. However, for some elderly, it can be a bit difficult to control it.

Knee walker.

This looks like a foot-propelled scooter, but it includes a wide platform to place your knee.

Options to Consider in Selecting Best Walkers for elderly loved ones

Foldability –

Some walkers for the elderly are foldable. This allows you to lift and carry with you anywhere you want. Similarly, this also comes in handy when you have limited storage space.

Weight holding Capacity –

This varies from brand to brand. Some walkers can support up to 250 and 300 pounds, while some durable models can bear up to 500 pounds. So, when buying, look for the one that can bear your whole body weight easily.

Brakes –

Many four-wheeled walkers for seniors or rollators have hand brakes that you can use by squeezing the brake levers. However, if you are suffering from arthritis or any hand issues, this is not the brake type for you. Instead, look for the models with pushdown brakes.

Seat Height –

Some wheeled walkers have comfortable seats. If you’re planning to get any of them, don’t forget to measure the seat’s height. Select the one that is spacious enough and allows you to get in and out easily.

Seats Width and padding:

In simple words, the wider the seat, the better it is. Even if you don’t use your walker much or don’t need that much space. It’s always useful to have more than sufficient space. This allows you to relax comfortably. Besides, ensure that your walker’s seat is well-cushioned.

Handle Height –

Ideally, it is better to have a walker with adjustable handles. This helps to move on various surfaces without any problems. To measure the handle’s height, note the distance from your wrist to the ground while standing, and that should be the perfect height of your rollators handle.

Ergonomic Grips:

When buying a walker for the elderly, look for one that has comfortable and ergonomic grips. This is important, especially when seniors have arthritis or any dexterity problems. Also, consider the walker’s brake and folding mechanisms. This is because your hands shouldn’t have to be strained when using a walker whose main purpose is to make your life comfortable.

Walker’s Weight –

Your new wheeled walker, shouldn’t be too hefty to handle. Opt for the one that you can carry and lift from the surface easily.

Walker’s Width:

If you plan to use your walker inside, remember to measure its width because you will frequently move between your house’s doorways.

Product Reviews – Best Walkers for elderly loved ones

Walkers are handy equipment, and for those who struggle to move, these are a hope. There are various types of walkers on the market, each having different features. All these are designed to make transportation easy and safe. Below, we have compiled a list containing detailed reviews of the best-wheeled walkers for the elderly.


This CAREX three-wheeled walker is made exclusively for elders and for those who have limited mobility. Overall, the walker is well-constructed and features a unique design for optimum stability. The robust frame is of medium size and perfects for narrow spaces.

Moreover, the elderly can move this thing with a little effort, thanks to its light-weight construction. Further, the walker moves smoothly on all surfaces. It comes with rubber tires that are durable and move freely on rough terrains. You can also adjust the handle’s height easily and customize it as per your specific needs.

We also liked its affordable price and the support that it provides for the elderly in transportation. We also liked that its 7-inch wheels have their locking mechanism.

Lastly, the walker’s base is large, and it also features a removable bag to keep your belongings, such as water bottles, medication, and smartphones.

  • Light-weight and compact design.
  • The three-wheel system provides easy mobility.
  • Simple to lift and carry as compared to the four-wheel walkers.
  • It comes with a handy storage bag to keep your belongings.
  • The walker works well on all terrains and for outdoor and indoor uses.
  • It features a soft grip and effective hand brakes.
  • Low maintenance wheeled walkers.
  • Not that helpful withstanding (only walking).
  • Some users stated that the handle’s screws get lose with the times that cause wobbling.



Next, we have a user-friendly two-wheeled walker, and it is the best in terms of portability. The walker features adjustable height up to one-inch, and it can comfortably bear up to 300lbs. Moreover, the walker’s dimensions are compact; hence storage will not be a problem with this wheeled walker.

The base is also perfect, and you can smoothly move through compact doorways and other indoor areas of your home. Another thing that you will definitely like in this Vaunn’s two-button folding walker is its robust construction. The walker comes with a robust aluminum frame and includes rubber tips on the legs to prevent accidental slipping.

Besides, you can quickly and effortlessly fold this walker and remove its sides for smooth storage when not in use. Overall, assembling and disassembling this Vaunn is a breeze. The design is perfect to aid in mobility but compact enough to carry on your trips in a suitcase (when folded).

Lastly, we also found it’s vinyl handgrips super comfortable and provide a firm grip on all surfaces. The push release mechanism is also reliable and opens and closes it in minutes.

  • Compact size is easy to carry.
  • Smartly designed fits well in compact spaces.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble without any hassles.
  • You can detach both sides for simple storage.
  • The base features Anodized aluminum material that is highly durable.
  • It comes with two front wheels that work well on all surfaces.
  • Suitable for outdoor uses.
  • Front wheels don’t have any locking mechanism, neither they are removable.
  • The wheels do not swivel.



Looking for the best-wheeled walker for overweight adults? Then look no further than this Medline Heavy-Duty Rollator. The walker features an impressive weight holding capacity of up to 500lbs. Its weight-bearing capacity is almost double the other standard walkers.

Moreover, the walker’s base is much wider than the others, and you can also adjust the handle’s height between 31.5 and 37.5 inches. In most standard walker’s wheels, you will find rubber tires that are around 5 inches. But this Medline’s bariatric four-wheeled features extra-large wheels of 8-inches for optimum support and stability. It also features reinforced spokes to enhance support and stability further.

Another feature that differs it from the others is its sturdiness. Unlike others that come with aluminum frames, this Medline walker features long-lasting construction of heavy-duty steel material. This construction and material quality offer incredible strength to the walker and also keeps it protected from corrosion and rust.

However, its dimensions are not compact, and it needs more storage space than the others. So, when buying this Medline Rollator to use indoor, don’t forget to measure its size and compare it with your doorways and entrance.

Other than this, it is one of the best Rollator for seniors who need aid in mobility.

  • Provides superb Bariatric support to elders much better than regular walkers.
  • Features high-grade steel construction for increased strength.
  • Comes with extra-large wheels and a wide base.
  • Nicely cushioned seat and comfortable hand grips.
  • It comes with a small Velcro pocket to keep your stuff.
  • Brakes are reliable, and front wheels swivel.
  • Suitable to use on all terrains.
  • Not the best-wheeled walker for compact places.
  • Limited handle height adjustment.
  • It is a bit expensive than the others.




If you want to give your elders a sense of independence while ensuring optimum safety and stability, this Able Life Space Saver Walker is the most reliable walker on the market due to this very reason.

The walker features standard dimensions, neither too bulky neither too compact. So, we can say it is a well-designed walker for seniors. Furthermore, storage is not a problem when you have this space saver at your disposal. You can quickly collapse it for simple carrying and storage.

To be precise, the walker gets four times smaller than a standard walker when folded. Its light-weight design also makes it simple to carry; it only weighs 8 lbs. Similarly, you can comfortably use it indoors due to its light-weight and space-saving dimensions. And when you want to use it outdoor, unfold it and enjoy the smooth mobility.

Weight holding capacity is also impressive, up to 400lbs, so it is also the best-wheeled walker for heavy seniors. The two front wheels work extremely well on indoor and outdoor terrains such as carpets or grassy surfaces. The wheels are highly durable and come with rubber tires. And you can replace this with swivel wheels if you want.

Lastly, its handle height is also adjustable between 32 to 38 inches, and the walker comes ready to use, so no assembling hassles.

  • Strong and stable design.
  • Folding this walker is simple and doesn’t require much effort.
  • Folds to a 7-inch and features vertical stands alone design.
  • Suitable for almost all surfaces such as driveways, carpets, and sidewalks.
  • The handle’s height is adjustable.
  • No need to assemble it comes ready to use.
  • Not suitable to use on tiles.
  • The front wheels are fixed.
  • No brakes in this walker.


Nova 3-Wheeled Narrow Walker

Our next pick comes from Nova Medical Products, and makers advertised it as the walker for the elderly to use in small and narrow spaces. So, it is ideal for indoor use.

Walker’s design is simple, and it has three wheels. Its shape and design are compact, allowing elders to steer it comfortably in the corners and through doorways.

Apart from its elegant and slim design, there are some other handy features to look out for in this wheeled walker for the elderly. This walker has a zippered pouch and a wire cage at the front to keep your belongings and other stuff. It features durable rubber wheels that glide smoothly on all terrains. Furthermore, it is safe for outdoor use, and the tires work flawlessly on grassy surfaces.

Further, it comes with NOVA’s patented hand brakes that are comfortable and allow full control. Elders can use these brakes with minimal hand strength. The grips are also smooth and comfortable. You can adjust the handle’s height between 33.25 inches to 37 inches for a customized experience, whereas it can bear up to 250lbs.

Lastly, it is one of the versatile models for seniors that they can use indoor or outdoor. And for your peace of mind, makers offer a limited lifetime warranty on frame and a 5-year warranty on brakes.


  • The three-wheeled design is ideal for narrow spaces and indoors.
  • It has storage on the front and back.
  • The tires for suitable for grassy surfaces and outdoor uses.
  • Weight capacity is impressive.
  • Handbrakes are reliable and effortless to use.
  • A bit heavy.
  • The paintwork is poor.



Takeaway from Best Walkers for Elderly

Finding the perfect walker that meets your needs keeps you active and encourages healthy living. In simple words, it can be a tool for many of us, but for some, it is a hope that encourages them to live life like others.

So, when you’re ready to buy the one, consult with your doctor (if possible) and keep this read this mind so that you can get the best walker for the elderly.

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