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List of Foods to Avoid with Arthritis

Arthritis causes great pain and suffering to those inflicted with it. Research shows that most arthritis can be relieved or even eliminated by changing the foods eaten. Read on to learn our list of foods to avoid arthritis.

Most people know what arthritis pain feels like. This painful condition, caused by inflammation, produces the swelling and tenderness of one or more than one of your joints. The main symptoms of arthritis pain are joint pain and stiffness, which worsen with age. Over time, the joints are permanently disfigured, making movement more difficult and painful.

The most familiar types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis grows when the shock-absorbing cartilage that generally cushions your bone is not able to function normally. It could be due to a wearing down of the cartilage above the joint’s years or inflammation. With its standard cushion impaired, the joint can swell or become hard to move. Depending on which joints arthritis affects, the disease can make it difficult to walk, open jars, or do other daily or everyday tasks.

Senior man with knee arthritis. Senior men with knee arthritis and caring wife royalty free stock image

Arthritis Pain

There are almost over 100 unique conditions classified as arthritis, each with different symptoms. The first sign of arthritis is pain, also known as arthralgia. This pain can feel like a dull ache or a scorching sensation. Frequently, pain starts after you have used the joint a lot, for example, if you have been gardening or just walked up a flight of stairs. The first thing some people feel is soreness in the morning. But others report an achy feeling whenever it rains or the humidity changes. In this article, we will guide you about the foods you must avoid to relieve arthritis.

Arthritis joint pain problem in old man, Elderly asian man with hand on knee gesture, Daughter frighten and worry about her father. Arthritis joint pain problem stock photo

Foods Will Help with Arthritis Pain

Do you know that the foods you are eating can affect you and your arthritis pain?

After eating these foods, you can cause severe arthritis pain. A significant cause of arthritis pain is frequently worse or better just because of a person’s diet. You can control it’s by your diet or by eating green leaf and colorful fruits or vegetables and should avoid these foods because the higher amount of inflammation will affect many factors like diet, illness, activity level, smoking, and alcohol intake.

Use our list of foods and drink that you should avoid to lessen or eliminate arthritis pain.

We frequently see most of the patients who are critical about making lifestyle changes to prevent joint pain. Still, our orthopedic doctors determined that it is tough to change everything at one time. Therefore, looking at your diet is the best place to start.


List of Foods to Avoid with Arthritis

  • Alcohol
  • Food high in salt
  • Processed and red meat
  • High-fat dairy and cheese
  • Fried food
  • Candy and dessert
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Added sugar
  • Refined Carbohydrates
  • Nightshades Plants


1. AlcoholVarious alcohol bottles. In a bar royalty free stock images

Alcohol also has some anti-inflammatory properties. Some types of alcohol, such as red wine, contain high antioxidants that will affect arthritis. There are some different types of arthritis, which may be affected by the high amount of wine. If someone is taking high alcohol, that will increase the risk of developing gout and increase gout flares.

The outcomes of alcohol are mostly dependent, according to researchers, on the drugs used to treat arthritis, the quantity and duration of use, and the presence of certain risk factors.

Start cutting alcohol out for four to six weeks, and see what happens if you try to lower inflammation. You will see inflammation of articular pain decrease. You may also know that you are better off sleeping, which may help reduce the effects of chronic pain.

Does alcohol make arthritis pain worse?

Some types of arthritis may be affected by alcohol because it dehydrates, or probably it may cause more inflammation, which makes the arthritis symptoms worse.



2. Food High in SaltWoman adding too much salt to her food, unhealthy eating, dehydration problems. Stock photo royalty free stock images

The worst enemy for joint pain is the high sodium salt when you have arthritis. Salt is an essential mineral in the diet, and if someone is used it in high quantity, it will be harmful in different areas of health.

Most of the researcher’s research that a high quantity of salt can increase inflammation in the body, and according to another study, it will be harmful to arthritis pain.

Salt may draw water from cells, which may exacerbate arthritis. The typical symptom of OA is joint swelling. This swelling can be made worse by overeating salt.

Does salt affect arthritis?

According to the research, if someone takes high sodium, it is probably a risk of autoimmune diseases like inflammatory arthritis.

The salt is also high in processed and packaged foods, thereby avoiding and finding low salt alternatives. If you cook, play with herbs and spices for another taste rather than add salt to the taste. And don’t hold on the table a salt shaker to prevent temptation.




3. Processed and red meatFresh raw red meat in supermarket. Selection of different cuts of fresh raw red meat in a supermarket stock photos

Processed and red meat is high in fats and may contain more saturated fats. Because researchers study that if you eat red meat, which may increase inflammation, cause swelling in the joint and pain, and cause arthritis symptoms.

The red meats are higher than the white meat or the vegetable protein in fat — and, more importantly, saturated fats. Study studies include increased red meat consumption, which can exacerbate inflammation in the joint and arthritis symptoms. Therefore, immediately stop eating red meat if you have arthritis.

Does red meat worse for arthritis?

According to research, red meat, sugar, fat, and salt have mostly affected arthritis badly, and they can cause an improvement in inflammation in the body and worsen arthritis.




4. High-fat dairy cheese foodsCheese, milk, dairy products and eggs on rustic white wood background. royalty free stock photography

Dairy is a problematic category because of various products, like yogurt to cheese milk, milk to ice cream. These things have a high amount of fats, sugar, and cheese that will generally affect arthritis.

Usually, avoid whole-fat milk and additional sugar products while you have arthritis because the research has a pro-inflammatory fat diet. If you suspect intolerance or sensitivity to milk, milk removal can help decide whether you have mild discomfort and increased milk inflammation.

Most cheeses have high saturated fats, and saturated fats have to cause inflammation not only for cardiac but also for arthritis.

Most of the researcher study that tries to avoid these foods this high-fat diet increases the inflammation. It is workable that not all dairy products are wrong, but some products are right and can decrease inflammation and reduce pain.




5. Fried FoodsCrispy fried chicken wings on wooden table. Crispy fried kentucky chicken wings on wooden table royalty free stock photos

Fried foods are frequently cooked in a high amount of oil, and that oil is high in saturated fats, omega-six fatty acids. In addition, these both can affect arthritis pain and will increase inflammation and also increase arthritis symptoms.

Generally, fried foods have breading, salt, high sugar, which probably lead to inflammation.

Moreover, fried foods are higher in trans than grilled or broiled foods, regardless of the type of oil used. Trans-fats artificially increase body inflammation. However, certain forms of petroleum are worse. Margarine, shortening, butter, lard, and coconut oil are included in the ‘stop as much as a possible category.’ Some fats are saturated. In addition to the oil itself, it may lead to inflammation by cooking.

Is fried food bad for inflammation?

Yes, because it m increase inflammation. Fried food or deep fry food like nuggets, chicken, etc., may cause inflammation because they fry in a high oil quantity.




6. Candy and dessertIce cream dessert topped with nuts and chocolate. With three different flavors of berry chocolate and vanilla swirl on white royalty free stock photo

Added sugar is frequently referred to as empty calories that probably affect arthritis pain and can cause increased inflammation in the body. Therefore, many researchers search that little sugar will reduce arthritis pain and symptoms, so avoid high added sugar foods.

Some common foods like dessert, candy, baked goods, ice creams, ketchup, etc., are high added sugar foods.

You should avoid sweets at all costs, just like high sugar fruit juices, soda, and baked products, with arthritis. Simple sugars like candy can spike your blood sugar and cause inflammation to worsen your symptoms of arthritis.

Does high added sugar affect arthritis pain?

Most people are caused by arthritis pain, and if they used high added sugar foods, it might cause more pain just because these foods increased inflammation in the body.




7. Omega 6 Fatty Acids:Soybean. On white background stock images

Omega 6 fatty acid is generally opposite to omega 3s fatty acids because omega 3s fatty acids are the best anti-inflammatory that can reduce pain and symptoms.

But omega-six fatty acids are generally over consumed, and it may lead to an increased amount of inflammation in the body that directly affects arthritis pain.

Some familiar omega-six fatty acid sources include soybean, cornflower, sunflower, canola oil, nuts, and meat. According to researchers, try to avoid these if you have arthritis pain.

A symptom of too much use of omega-six fatty acids

If you are using too many omega-six fatty acids, it may raise the blood pressure, leading to the closing that may cause a heart attack.




8. Added sugarPouring Soda. Plastic bottle, pouring soda on a glass royalty free stock photos

It is the primary and essential thing to reduce sugar in your daily life if you have pain or have arthritis symptoms. Added sugars can be found in ice cream, candy, soda, and all others. According to research, almost 20 products will be more sweetened and cause arthritis pain symptoms.

Miss the sucrose beverages.  Women drinking about 60 percent more RE a day than women consuming less than 1 in a month were about one sugar-sweetened soda. These products may cause and increase the inflammation in your body that may cause the risk of arthritis. Try to avoid all these products to reduce the chance of arthritis pain and symptoms.

Regular cuts in sugar can lead people to search for alternatives like sugar, for example, aspartame and sucralose, when a sweet tooth strikes. However, some people are sensitive to these substances, which can cause the body to react with inflammation. The dietary sodas, gum (gum), sugar-free candy, low-fat yogurts, and pudding often offer sugar alternatives.




9. Refined carbohydratesSliced white bread. Fresh white sandwich bread on table stock images

We consider refined carbohydrates to be white flour products, like white bread, white pasta, and crackers. The refined glucose hydrates, also called refined grains, have been shown to increase inflammation in the body and cause arthritis pain.

Another consideration regarding grains is the possibility of articular pain and inflammation from the consumption of wheat products in people with gluten sensitivities.

Instead of “white” carbs, select either whole or multigrain options. See How gluten can cause joint pain. See for added sugars in your foods (see for ingredients like sucrose and dextrose that end up in “ose”). Try to reduce soda, sweets, and processed foodstuffs.




10. Nightshades PlantsDripping red tomatoes. Rain-dripped red fresh tomatoes over red stock photo

Nightshades are a group of plants containing the solanine compound. Studies have not proven that evening shades can cause arthritis pain, but the Medical Control Board has shown that it can help boost certain people’s symptoms when these plants take away from the diet. Also,  Arthritis patients must avoid the nightshades plant.

The vegetables of nightshade include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Pickles bell
  • Pickles of Chili
  • Pumpkin

The Arthritis Foundation suggests that people who suspect nightshades can worsen symptoms for a few weeks exclude them from a diet.



Arthritis is a kind of disease that mostly causes pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints. This pain can affect people of all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. There are many various kinds of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is one type, which develops in joints. In addition, the other type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover, an autoimmune disease directly attacks your immune system send attacks your joints. Here it is clear that diet can play an essential role in Arthritis pain. In this article, we are here to discuss foods with robust components and how to relieve inflammation and arthritis pain.

Here you have all the top list food that helps to reduce the pain and symptoms. If you have arthritis problems or have pain, then you must try to improve your diet to reduce the chance of pain and symptoms. According to research, there are some foods you should avoid, like High sugar food, red meat, fried foods, and all others rich in sugar and oil.

It would help if you held in mind the causes of these foods and the side effects.

Now it’s up to you, and you should avoid the foods mentioned above to reduce the chance of arthritis pain.


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