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What is A Complete Guide: What do Compression Boots do


Today’s article will talk about compression boots (leg compression boots) and what compression boots do to help our bodies. Hopefully, this article will help whether you’re reading this for yourself or just wanting to buy compression boots for elderly loved ones. Also, aside from discussing what do compression boots do, we will also discuss compression boots for edema control.

If you want to learn more about compression boots and how they can help our bodies, please keep reading.


What is Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy involves applying mild pressure to the leg with compression socks, stockings, boots, or bandages. In addition, doctors have given compression therapy for thousands of years. Also, compression therapy had its roots in ancient Rome and Egypt when physicians wrapped their patients’ legs to treat injuries and prevent swelling.

Modern compression therapy helps treat various issues, especially in elderly loved ones who experience more health problems related to swelling or aching of the legs or veins.



What are Compression Boots?

What do Compression Boots do

As mentioned above, compression boots are one of the ways to apply compression to our bodies. They are leg-stretching, air-filled sleeves that squeeze your legs to promote blood flow. Moreover, similar to compression stockings, compression boots help with various ailments in our bodies related to poor blood circulation and swelling. In addition, if you are interested to learn more about compression stockings, I will also link that below.


How do I know if I should Use Compression Boots?

If you are interested in investing in one, it is essential to know if you should use them or not. Listed below are some of the reasons to note if you plan on using leg compression boots.


1. When you want to reduce swelling in your lower body

If you are suffering from swelling, especially in your legs and calves, then trying out compression might be the right choice for you. Compression boots improve blood flow in our bodies which helps reduce swelling.

2. When you have Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition wherein blood clots form in the veins, usually developing in the pelvis or the lower legs. A person can have DVT by experiencing some of the symptoms listed below or having no symptoms.

According to the Mayo Clinic, here are the most common signs to look for to know if you have DVT:

  • Pain in your leg. Usually, the pain beings in your calf, which can feel like soreness or cramping.
  • The affected leg’s skin can become red or discolored.
  • Swelling in the affected leg.
  • The affected leg can feel warm.

3. When you have Osteoarthritis in the knee

Arthritis is when the cartilage in your knee joint gradually wears away, and when this happens, the space between the bones decreases, causing bone rubbing.

People with knee osteoarthritis can significantly benefit from using compression boots to reduce swelling.

4. When you have varicose veins

People with varicose veins can use compression veins to help increase blood circulation, which can also help reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

5. When you are pregnant

Pregnant women experience increased swelling in their lower region. Using these types of boots greatly helps in improving blood circulation that can help reduce swelling, improving the feeling of comfort for pregnant women.

6. For People Working Long Periods

People whose work involves standing up or sitting for long periods usually suffer from having their blood circulation concentrated in their lower body.


How to Use Compression Boots

What do Compression Boots do

Leg Compression boots come in different sizes and lengths, but the general way to use them is by putting them on your legs and zipping them up. Afterward, plug each boot into the connecting hose and set the pressure and the duration to what you need.



Do Compression Boots work?

Yes. Various research has proven that compression therapy help improve the quality of life for everyone, especially our elderly loved ones. However, to get the maximum benefits, it is crucial to apply the right amount of pressure and to know the right time and the consistency of using for best results.



Consult a Professional

If you want to use one, it is always important to consult your doctor. The reason is that a professional can help advise you to know what size you should purchase. Second, a doctor can advise you on how long you should wear them and how many days. Third, a professional can teach you how to wear your boots correctly.

Moreover, it is equally more critical, especially in cases of treating injuries. Consulting a professional is necessary before investing in one.



Benefits of Using Compression Boots for elderly loved ones

These boots include various benefits that usually involve treating medical conditions related to swelling and promoting blood circulation, and here are some of them.


1. Improve Blood Circulation

The main benefit of using this is that it helps improve blood circulation. The way it does this is that compression therapy applies controlled pressure to your legs, improving blood flow to our hearts.

2. Beneficial for People with Osteoarthritis

Research has shown that intermittent pneumatic compression therapy has positive effects in patients with knee osteoarthritis. The reason for this is that recovery boots reduce swelling, especially in the knees. Moreover, they can improve range of motion and create a better quality of life for our elderly loved ones.

3. Compression Boots for Edema Control

Edema is fluid collecting that can cause swelling, usually in your lower body, from standing for long periods or from varicose veins. A 2020 study showed that using compression boots for edema control is beneficial because it helps redistribute blood in our bodies and reduce the blood volume in our lower region.

4. Reduce Recovery Time for Certain Injuries

Doctors sometimes recommend leg compression boots for specific injuries like leg ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency.

What is chronic venous insufficiency? This medical condition happens when the venous wall and valves in the veins of the legs do not function properly, making blood flow back to the heart harder.



After reading this article, I hope that you now have a clearer understanding of “what do compression boots do” and how compression boots for elderly loved ones can help in various ways. An example mentioned is how leg compression boots for edema control help reduce swelling. In addition, keep in mind that you should use leg compression boots with the guidance of a professional to prevent any unwanted side effects.

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