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Large Digital Clock for Seniors and Elderly

One of the surest things in this world is that we all age. That is why investing in products that will help our lives to become easier is vital. This article will discuss four large digital clocks for seniors that they will surely appreciate and love. 



Four Digital Clock for Seniors and Elderly:

Gifting an elderly loved one or buying yourself a digital alarm clock is always an excellent investment. Nowadays, some older people are still not used to technological gadgets. Giving your elderly loved ones something that they are comfortable with will make their day.




1.  JALL Digital Calendar Alarm Clock with 8″ Screen (corded)

Benefits & Key Features of this Product:

First on the list is the JALL Digital Calendar Alarm Clock, which comes in the color brown, that can easily blend into the interior of your home. It also can be mounted to your wall to make it easier for you to check the time. The JALL Digital Calendar Alarm Clock is a fantastic digital clock for seniors because of the following:

  • Multiple Alarm Settings

One of the critical features of this digital clock is that it also has an alarm clock. The multiple alarm settings are great for your elderly loved ones to help remind them when to take their medicine or do specific tasks.

  • Large Screen Display

Another thing that made me love this product so much is the large screen display it boasts. Featuring an 8-inch High-Resolution Digital Alarm Clock is a must when buying a clock for elderly people. It also must be a large display digital clock to ensure that they would not have a problem looking at the time.

  • Auto-Dimming Option

The clock automatically dims during the night at 7:00 pm, and you can control if it would be Mid Brightness or Low Brightness. The auto-dimming option is also a fantastic way to save up energy consumption. If you want your clock to feature high brightness throughout the day, this clock also has a feature to turn off the auto-dimming function.

Price: $51.98

Why I recommend this product:

This product is fantastic to buy for yourself or as a gift for elderly parents. With an elegant wood design, this product is not only a clock, but it also can be used as a decoration for your bedroom or any place in your house.



 2.  MASSII Digital Clock with 8″ screen and remote (corded)

Benefits & Key Features of this Product:

The MASSII Digital Clock is also a large digital clock for seniors. It comes in lovely colors, black and white. Read on to know more about why I love and recommend this product.

  • Date and Time Feature Perfect for Elderly Loved Ones

One benefit of this digital clock for elderly loved ones by MASSII is that it shows the date on the screen. This feature helps our elderly loved ones who have dementia tremendously since it can help them remember the day. Many people who bought this product love this feature since it helps their parents be less confused

  •  Smart Remote Control

It is a given that we cannot always be there physically for our elderly loved ones. Having a clock, you can change the time from a few feet away, making it easier for them to change without much work. 

  • Automatic Time Reset

You need not worry about any power outage because this digital clock will reset to the correct time and date when the power returns.

  • 16 Programmable Reminders

Having a digital clock for elderly parents like the MASSII Digital Clock will help your elderly loved ones remember to drink their medicine. This feature is a lifesaver so that they can remember to take their medication even while you’re at work. That is why this clock is a fantastic product to purchase. 

  • Multiple Text Colors

This clock has multiple colors which can suit your preference ranging from green, white, red, and yellow. 

  • Automatic Alarm Shut Off

The alarm automatically shuts off after 15s/30s/45s/1m/3m/5m which you can adjust to your preference.

Price: $49.99

Why I recommend this product:

The MASSII Digital Clock is a fantastic product to gift to your elderly parent because of its unique features. This clock can also be used as a desk clock or hung on the wall. Giving your elderly parent a clock that will help them remember time is a fantastic gift that will show them how much you want to be there for them at all times.




3. Exmate Digital Calendar Alarm Clock, 8″

Benefits & Key Features of this Product:

  • Customizable Alarm Settings

This alarm clock Is terrific because it has three medicine reminders, ten alarm clocks, and a snooze function. There are also 16 themes to choose from for the ten clocks. You can select the appropriate theme to help you remember to do something important.

  • Automatic Dimming Option

The clock will auto lighten up during the day and darken at night, and you’ll never have to worry that it will be too bright or dark. You can also disable the auto-dimming feature, which is helpful for visually impaired persons.

  • 8 Different Languages

This alarm clock is available in eight different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, and Welsh. You can tune into other languages listed on the alarm clock if you prefer not to use English.

  • User-Friendly Interface

You can customize the clear and straightforward interface to meet your specific needs. It can set time, set date, time and date mode, language and auto-dimming, etc.

Price: $46.99

Why I recommend this product:

This large digital clock for seniors by Exmate is a thoughtful gift to your elderly loved one. One of my favorite features about this product is its customizable settings, quickly reminding our elderly loved ones when to take their medicine. Even though you are not always there 24/7 for your parent or grandparent, this clock will remind them that you want to take care of them even from afar.




4. Sharp Atomic Digital Clock

Benefits & Key Features of this Product:

  • Atomic Accuracy

The Sharp Atomic Digital clock includes a built-in receiver that automatically synchronizes with the NIST radio broadcast in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Sharp Atomic Digital Clock receives daily WWWVB updates, ensuring it is always accurate to the second.

  • Large Time Display

Elderly loved ones who are visually impaired will surely benefit from using this digital clock for seniors. Featuring a 4-inch jumbo display will make it easier to see the time.

  • Various Features Including Outdoor and Indoor Temperature Checker

Some features that distinguish this clock from others are that it displays time, indoor and outdoor temperature, a calendar, and the days of the week. These features are vital for our senior loved ones to utilize every time they walk outdoors, so they don’t leave the house when it’s too hot or cold.

  • Wireless Outdoor Sensor 

The Sharp Atomic Digital Clock has an outside wireless sensor that sends the outdoor temperature to the Atomic Wall Clock to depict the weather outside correctly. It is easy to install for your senior loved one because it requires no wiring and can be placed anywhere within 100ft.

Price: $59.99

Why I recommend this product:

This unique clock by Sharp has excellent benefits which you or your elderly parent will surely love. Easy to use and set up, your elderly loved one can use this large digital display clock either as a wall clock or as a desk clock with an integrated stand.





Having a large display digital clock will help them see the time and remind them when to take their medicine or even help them know the temperature outside. All of these features will help our loved ones stay safe even if we’re not around to help them.


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