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Indoor Sun Lamps for Winter Blues

Light is essential, not only for our sense of sight but also for our well-being. Studies have shown that sunlight is vital to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Other people feel healed or at least comforted by the gentle warmth sunlight gives on our bodies, inside and out. However, as we age, warmth and comfort become a necessity for the elderly. Products like sun lamps for winter blues or light bulbs for winter depression are popular since they can provide much-needed sunlight. They can give a good light source at the very least, during the long winter nights and the seemingly dimmer days. Some, like a light therapy lamp for dementia, also help in both comfort and healing for a lot of elderly.

Buying sun lamps for winter blues or light therapy lamps can get a bit complicated. This article will give you information on what to note regarding sufficient light, especially in the winter months. We will talk about the best light for winter depression, light therapy lamps for dementia, and even sunshine lamps for depression reduction techniques.


indoor sun lamp



Light and Vision

Age will always be an essential factor in our lives. It is even regarded as the basis for one’s social status in several countries. The importance of aging in our lives is based on the fact that our bodies deteriorate as we grow older. Elderly loved ones experience a number of problems and difficulties due to their advanced age.

Physically, our organ functions will not be as they were when we were young. The older we get, the more likely we will feel pain in joints and weakness in our sensory organs. Eyesight is one of the most important sensory organs we have and is one of the first ones to fail as we grow older.

The eyes of the elderly often have trouble seeing distances, recognizing colors, and even people. They are also sensitive to strong light sources or glares and would often give them headaches. The sense of weakness and the frustration that they feel because of declining vision can cause significant effects on their overall well-being and may even cause depression. That is why it is important to consider lighting. It not only helps with our vision but there are even sunshine lamps depression decreasing products in the market.



Light and Everyday Life

Problems regarding vision make it more difficult for the elderly to feel safe and confident in going through every day. Vision problems often cause common accidents like falling. The increase in dependence and losing sense of self-reliance often lead to depression and anxiety for the elderly.

Light is an important aspect of everyday life since we can control or get a sufficient amount. Aging and the degradation of our senses are things that are out of our control. At least for now or without costing significant resources of both time and money to achieve. We can easily buy sun lamps for winter blues, the best light bulbs for winter depression, or even a light therapy lamp for dementia. These products helped a lot of the elderly just by providing light.



Sunlamps and Better Living

/Better lighting levels help alleviate or improve vision problems. The elderly desperately need more light to improve and promote their visual, physical, and mental health. Sufficient improvements in home lighting showed elderly loved ones performing better in their daily activities. They became more confident. The improvements made directly affected the elderly’s quality of life and overall health.

People referred to sun lamps for winter blues as light therapy boxes. They are devices that use special light that mimics or copies natural outdoor light. Having ample or sufficient lighting is important for the elderly because they badly need it. They won’t be able to do a lot of their activities well if they cannot see properly. Having sun lamps will give the elderly’s well-being a huge boost considering that not only will it give them sufficient lighting, but the light itself won’t be artificial-looking and is easier in the eyes.

/Light therapy boxes are popular because of sunshine lamps depression symptoms and anxiety often go away if not, lessen. People referred to the blues as a seasonal affective disorder. The lack of sunlight during the winter months often causes seasonal affective disorder. Sun lamps for winter blues are the perfect addition to any elderly’s home because the natural sunlight-like light that they produce will not only help the elderly see better but feel better as well.



Seasonal Affective Disorder

As mentioned earlier, this disorder happens when people don’t get a lot of sunlight and is expected during the winter months. Research shows that this effect is because people experience a drop in serotonin, a chemical that gives a “happy” stimulus in our brains and is often produced when we are in certain situations or conditions. One of the most accessible conditions to get serotonin would be basking in the sunlight and feeling its warmth.

Though research has also shown that the exact cause of the seasonal affective disorder is still unknown. Research shows that there are different contributing factors for every person. The most common and more likely persons affected are those who experience less sunlight and are tied with our biological clocks’ inability to properly regulate our hormones, sleep cycles, and overall moods.

The effects of the seasonal affective disorder can be especially difficult for the elderly since they cannot adjust as easily as when they were younger. Usually, counseling and therapy can easily treat the seasonal affective disorder. However, if that option is unavailable or too expensive, the next best thing would be to have light therapy through sun lamps for winter blues or other light bulbs for winter depression.



Sun Lamps or Light Bulbs Features

The best features when choosing sun lamps for winter blues or other light bulbs for winter depression would be through portability, brightness, and value for one’s money.

Many products out there offer a number of features. Sun lamps for winter blues added to alarm or digital clocks are common nowadays. Some boast aesthetically pleasing designs that are also useful in complementing specific home setups. Light therapy lamp for dementia is also something that a lot of households buy because of their effectiveness



Portability Matters

Sun lamps for winter blues or any therapy lamps should be easy to pick up, move around and plugged anywhere. You need to consider the size and weight of the lamp for this as well. Portability or the ability to be moved around easily should be considered when getting the best light for winter depression.



Brightness is Important

Brightness is another essential factor that you need to consider when getting sun lamps for winter blues. The reason is that the light’s quality is the most important factor in general when buying lamps. However, you also need to consider the basic qualities of the light it produces, its strength, and the amount of electricity consumption. The reason is that your elderly loved one might find the brightness unbearable. Another problem is if the sun lamp itself uses a specific outlet to plug into when not having said outlet at home.



Value for Money

Lastly, another critical factor is the value of one’s money. This factor refers to the cost of the sun lamp for winter blues or light bulbs for winter depression and the additional cost that the products will add to the household’s monthly expenses. Your electricity bills will definitely be higher if you buy too strong a sun lamp or light bulb. However, if you buy ones that are actually energy-efficient, then the dent on your bills might not be too bad. Another thing to look out for is the maintenance that the products might need. You need to look for sturdy ones, well built, but at the same time have reasonable or affordable prices.



BONUS: Recommended Products: try these sun lamps for winter blues

Here are the products that I can recommend based on personal and secondhand experience. These products have been especially useful during the dimmer rainy or winter months. I hope that you’ll find them appealing and useful as well!



Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp – UV-Free LED Happy Mood Lamps for Seasonal Sunlight – Full Spectrum Sun Lights


This lamp is one of the best sun lamps for winter blues. It is very stylish, easy to assemble and handle, and is safe to use. It gives that wonderful sunlight-like light but is free from any unwanted UV rays that damage the skin. This product can also be used as a light therapy lamp for dementia and is very durable.



Lavish Home (72-0890) 5 Feet Sunlight Floor Lamp With Adjustable Gooseneck

The simple but elegant design was what appealed to me at first. The product itself is already amazing because of how easy it is to move around the house, but at the same time feels sturdy or durable. It is the very definition of form and function since it is perfect to put as both minimalistic decorations and as a sun lamp for winter blues. The best feature it has is the flexible gooseneck that can easily be adjusted to your preference.



Grow Light for Indoor Plants – Adjustable Gooseneck Growing Light Strip W/9 Dimmable Red Blue Spectrum

These are actually hydroponic lamps but can be used for people as well. It can give out three different colored lights: red, blue, and a combination of the two. There is no need to assemble any parts and is extremely easy to use through a little control panel. The light it gives can also be dimmed as preferred and will give the same amount of warmth and calmness as other light therapy lamps.



Carex Day-Light Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp – 10,000 LUX – Sun Lamp To Combat Winter Blues and To Increase Your Energy

This lamp is another really good-looking and well-built sun lamp for winter blues. It does not require any assembly and is easy to move around. The light it produces is very pronounced and is even glare and flicker-free. This specific lamp is actually clinically tested and recommended by a number of people and experts for its durability and utility. It can also be a light therapy lamp for dementia.


NorbSMILE Full Spectrum Sun Light Bulb

Full-spectrum light bulbs are made to give off sunlight-like light. The NorbSMILE Full Spectrum sunlight bulb is one of the best when it comes to intensity, durability, and affordability. These light bulbs are perfect for any home that wants to have a natural lighting feel. The bulbs will last for a very long time and use a minimal amount of electricity. It is also UL listed or is Underwriters Laboratory approved which means that it has undergone extensive testing to make sure it is safe to use.


To summarize: sun lamps for winter blues

When looking for a sun lamp for winter blues or light bulbs for winter depression, you need to consider the provided factors, namely portability, brightness, and value for one’s money. However, you should never forget to consider the opinions of the elderly loved ones. Everyone has their own preference and, most importantly, light capacities. Your elderly loved ones cannot handle too much light and may even become harmful to their well-being. You need to listen to them if they think that the sun lamp or light bulbs are too bright or too dim or if they actually have specific products in mind.


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