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Exercise Equipment While Watching TV


As we grow old, we sometimes lose the drive to exercise. There might even be some days that even the simple act of going out of bed seems difficult for us. In this article, we will talk about home exercises with or without exercise equipment while watching TV. Most, if not all of the exercises that we will mention will be both easy and commonly known as exercise for seniors on tv. I will include a common light position while watching tv, chair exercises for seniors on tv, and other chair stretching exercises for seniors.


Exercise Equipment While Watching TV

Exercise Equipment While Watching TV

A healthy lifestyle involves working out and I would be glad to help you in your journey to having a healthier and more active lifestyle.

When I started my own fitness journey, everything seemed difficult and scary. I didn’t know what equipment to use, should I even buy one or will I be able to maintain this lifestyle? I had these thoughts when I first started. That is why I decided to write this article to help serve as a guide for anyone who wants to start working out.

Again, your fitness journey is something personal and it doesn’t really matter if you have the equipment or not, what matters is your exercise and enjoying it.

Buying equipment is not necessary, as you will see later on. I have included programs that will provide exercises without equipment. However, if you want to invest in equipment too, there is nothing wrong with that. Listed below is easily usable exercise equipment while watching tv:


  1. Yoga Mat

 A yoga mat is important, especially for seniors since it will help keep their hold on the surface because of the anti-slip nature of this mat. Another importance of a yoga mat Is that it helps you maintain your balance and posture while performing exercises. A yoga mat can be used for yoga and provide a stable surface for other exercises. Invest in a yoga mat that is thick enough that when you lie down and turn, you will not feel the floor and a mat that will not be too soft to avoid instability.



  1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are one of the most basic pieces of exercise equipment you can purchase. Many exercises use them and come in a variety of weights to suit your needs. Choose a lightweight when starting out to avoid straining yourself. You can easily use this exercise equipment while watching tv.



  1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are bands which was originally used for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. However, due to its various benefits, resistance bands have gained more popularity through the years. Resistance bands are perfect for seniors since it is lightweight, which reduces the risk of injury. It is also affordable and can be used for strength training and for stretching and mobility.

When choosing a resistance band, it Is important to choose one that offers resistance, but will also not be too hard for you to stretch which might lead to injuries.


  1. Wrist Weights

If you want to intensify your workout, then adding a wrist weight will surely help. A benefit of using wrist weights is that they are a good alternative to using dumbbells especially for our elderly loved ones who have a harder time gripping dumbbells. This one is another easily used exercise equipment while watching tv. It is even more effective if you follow a particular exercise program. One of the programs that I will recommend below feature workouts using wrist weights which you should definitely try out.



Exercises for Seniors on TV

Working out is hard enough, but working out as a senior is very challenging. From my experience, you only really need to take note of two things. One is that you need to keep hydrated. The second is that following an exercise program or exercise for seniors on tv makes the whole thing infinitely easier. Here are some exercise programs on tv for seniors that I would recommend:


  1. Sit and Be Fit

One of the well-known exercises for seniors on tv is “Sit and Be Fit” which is even recognized by the National Council on Aging. Most of the workouts included in this tv show do not require much equipment. You can perform the exercises standing or sitting down. The workouts featured on this series are all made by Mary Ann Wilson, a registered nurse, with a team of therapists, exercise specialists, and doctors.

The series features chair stretching exercises for seniors on tv. “Sit and Be Fit” is considered one of the best exercise programs on tv for seniors. You usually start off with a light position while watching tv and progress into easy to accomplish chair stretching exercises for seniors.



  1. The Body Coach TV

Although not technically a TV Program, Body Coach TV is a YouTube Channel that features a lot of workouts for seniors to watch at home. The channel features various workouts for beginners and seniors alike, so it is really worth checking out. My favorite would be the 7-Day Seniors Workout Challenge which is a perfect start to your fitness journey. Most of the workout challenges do not involve any exercise equipment while watching tv.



  1. Yes2next

Another YouTube Channel that I can recommend is yes2next. The workout videos in their channel are specifically catered to ]elderly loved ones, people with limited mobility, and beginners. What I love about this channel is that April exercises with her 80-year-old mom, Aiko. It shows the viewers that it is never too late to say yes to a new chapter of exercising in life.

Their videos feature a lot of workouts ranging from stair exercises or workouts that can be performed while sitting down to other easy chair stretching exercises for seniors. You won’t really need exercise equipment while watching tv shows like yes2next since they mostly do easy-to-follow specific body movements.



  1. Senior Fitness With Meredith

Senior Fitness with Meredith is a YouTube channel devoted to health and wellness for elderly loved ones. They are for seniors who are between ages 55-75. No equipment is required for all of her workouts. Though I found it best to have some exercise equipment while watching tv shows like this one. I recommend using easy-to-move with and properly fitting wrist weights.



Best Exercise Machine While Watching TV

Easy to use exercise equipment while watching tv shows are not really complicated to find. The main reason is that any item that will help in a senior’s exercise can be considered as effective exercise equipment while watching tv. If you want to kick it up a notch and invest in some advanced and effective exercise machines, here are some of the best easily useable exercise equipment while watching tv.


  1. EllipticalMan working out on elliptical machine. Senior man work. Caucasian man working out on elliptical machine. Senior man workout in gym royalty free stock image

An elliptical machine is a stationary machine designed for an aerobic or cardiovascular workout. This type of workout is any activity that makes you increase your breathing and heart rate. The simple explanation is that aerobic or cardiovascular workouts help make you more efficient at distributing oxygen to the rest of your body. The result is that it benefits not only your heart but your entire body.

An elliptical machine is a perfect machine for seniors. It has a low level of stress on the body’s joints and allows for adjustments on the resistance and incline levels. Exercise for seniors on tv often uses these because of how effective they are as exercise equipment while watching tv.




  1. Recumbent Exercise BikeRecumbent Exercise Bike. Beautiful blond woman during a cardio workout on a recumbent exercise bike in the gym royalty free stock photos

It is an exercise machine that provides a comfortable position and features a backrest for better support and stability. The recumbent exercise bike is one of my top recommendations for people who are just starting to work out. It is also for those who have certain health conditions which will hinder movement.

The recumbent exercise bike is considered by some as the best exercise machine while watching tv. It places the user in a comfortable posture when being used and allows the user to multitask easily while being a piece of effective exercise equipment while watching tv.



  1. TreadmillAsian Senior man walking exercise on treadmill workout in fitness gym . sport , trainnig , retired , older , mature, elderly royalty free stock images

One of the best low-impact exercises is walking. Most seniors regard it as the perfect exercise. If you want to start a daily workout routine without leaving the comforts of your home, then invest in a treadmill. Especially since this is one of the least intrusive and easy-to-use exercise equipment while watching tv shows.






Conclusion: Never be Afraid to Try

Starting your fitness journey might seem daunting at first, especially if you spent years not exercising. However, don’t be afraid of starting out. In this article, I really focused on including exercise programs on tv for seniors making a healthier lifestyle more accessible. The programs I included offer exercises that require little to no equipment making it beginner-friendly. I also included some of the best exercise machines while watching tv seniors can use for those who want to invest in equipment.

Remember, working out is key in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Never be afraid to try, because at the end of the day at least you can say you tried. Even the easiest chair stretching exercises for seniors can go a long way.




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