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Walking Assistance Devices for Elderly Loved Ones


Walking assistance devices for elderly loved ones are essential and one of the most significant decisions you could make. It is always important to choose the most comfortable wheelchair, walking aid for old people, or sitting walker for the elderly. Any assistive devices for elderly walkers need to be properly compatible. You have to consider your elderly loved one’s specific needs and should not settle or buy unprepared. Your senior deserves the most comfortable wheelchair for the elderly available in the market or at the very least well-built free wheelchairs for seniors.

In this article, we will be talking about several ways to choose the best walking assistance devices for the elderly. I will also include the types of walking aid for old people, sitting walkers for the elderly and will describe what the most comfortable wheelchair for the elderly should have. Lastly, I will be providing how to get free wheelchairs for seniors since we all know how expensive getting one might be.

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Choosing Assistive Devices for Elderly Walker

Ask a Professional for AdviceCaretaker Helping Senior Man To Use Walking Frame. Smiling male caretaker helping senior men to use walking frame in bedroom at nursing home royalty free stock photo

If walking for extended periods begins to tire out your elderly loved one, a wheelchair will be something very beneficial. It is best for those who have a medical condition that makes walking hard or impossible. Walking assistance devices for the elderly not only give them ease and comfort but improve their very wellbeing. However, before purchasing one, it is essential to ask your senior’s doctor for advice because there are multiple wheelchair options out in the market.

Having a professional guide will help you tremendously in saving time and money. Always make sure to thoroughly discuss any ailments and concerns with your senior’s doctor to ensure that he can give the appropriate and best-suited wheelchair or any other walking assistance devices for the elderly.



Different Kinds of Walking Aid for Old People

Wheelchairs come in all forms and sizes and for various reasons. One of the biggest reasons is age. All walking assistance devices for the elderly should be compatible with their users. Giving a senior who can barely move an automatic wheelchair for little to no strain in moving is the best choice. Listed below are some of the general and multiple kinds of assistive devices for elderly walkers out in the market.

Manual WheelchairDisability care. Photo showing a carer taking a wheelchair bound pensioner out for the day by the seaside stock images

The most popular kind of wheelchair is the manual wheelchair. The user or the one pushing behind powers a manual wheelchair. It is a general walking aid for old people and most people buy this for both convenience and reliability.

The benefit of using a manual wheelchair is that it provides independence for our elderly loved ones. Another benefit is that it does not need charging making it perfect for longer travels. People refer to it as affordable and do not really require much maintenance. Lastly, it is a type of wheelchair for old people that can easily be used, maintained, and kept.

A manual wheelchair can be considered the best wheelchair for old people if they are in dire need of exercise and are capable enough. However, longer travel periods can easily tire seniors. The fatigue can cause new health-related issues as well. Size also matters since seniors need to fit safely and comfortably. Small wheelchairs for adults are also available if needed.


Standard WheelchairsEmpty two standard wheelchairs stand indoor at noon. Empty two standard wheelchairs stand indoor stock photos

A standard wheelchair is a subcategory of a manual wheelchair, and it has large back wheels and smaller front wheels. People consider it as the most common wheelchair available. It often weighs between a lightweight wheelchair and a heavy-duty wheelchair.

One of the most often used walking assistance devices for the elderly is Standard wheelchairs. Steel or aluminum usually make up their frames. They are relatively lightweight and may have fixed or detachable armrests.

Standard wheelchairs are durable, versatile, and very comfortable for seniors. These assistive devices for elderly walkers are easy to maintain and keep as well. They can become one of the most comfortable wheelchairs for the elderly since they are fully customizable.



Lightweight WheelchairsModern lightweight wheelchair to help disabled people. Modern lightweight wheelchair to help walking disabled people royalty free stock photography

A subcategory of a manual wheelchair, lightweight and ultra-lightweight wheelchair usually ranges from 13.5 lbs. to 34 lbs. This type of wheelchair is perfect for more accessible transportation and ease of use.

Lightweight wheelchairs are bought and used as very convenient walking assistance devices for the elderly. They are easy to push without using up too much energy. Technological advances has led to 13.5 lbs ones called Feather Chairs. They are the lightest wheelchairs to date, but are very durable because of the materials used to make them. This wheel chair for old person can easily be used, maintained, and kept, even in cars and other often-used spaces or places.







Heavy-Duty WheelchairsWheelchair at a medical exhibition. Wheelchair with electric motor. royalty free stock photography

A heavy-duty wheelchair is another subcategory of a manual wheelchair with a reinforced frame that can support heavier individuals. This is one of the walking assistance devices for the elderly that usually include the removable swing-away footrest. They can also be folded easily for transport and can take up to 700 lbs. This wheelchair for old person can easily accommodate almost every type of user.


Electric WheelchairElectric Wheelchair. A Motorised Wheelchair for a Disabled Person stock photo

An electric wheelchair, electric-powered wheelchair, or powerchair is a device that helps aid mobility. You or the user pushing is unnecessary since it is electric or battery-operated. You can avoid fatigue and other health issues related to prolonged use. It is one of the most comfortable wheelchair for elderly.

However, an electric wheelchair occupies a considerable amount of space and may not fit in your ordinary sedan. It is also heavier than its manual sitting walker for elderly counterpart. This is one of the more prices but definitely worth it assistive devices for elderly walker.



Sitting Walker for Elderly

You or your elderly loved one might prefer to walk and not be bound to a wheelchair all the time. If that is the case, then a sitting walker for elderly loved ones might be just the thing you need.

A walker and rollator are two different types of walking assistance devices for elderly. The main difference between a walker and a rollator is that the former does not have wheels while the latter has. A walker requires the user to lift the equipment to move, while the rollator has four wheels and a brake. A rollator also has a usable chair when the user gets tired of walking. The built-in chair makes it a more popular choice.

When choosing between a walker and a rollator, my advice is to get the walker. This choice is best if you or your elderly loved one have mobility issues. This is because people with mobility and balance problems are more prone to injury when using a rollator.


How to Get Free Wheelchairs for Seniors

Buying a wheelchair might not be something everyone can afford readily. That is why some seniors opt not to because of the cost. However, you should never disregard technological necessities like assistive device for elderly walker. Listed below are some ways you can get free wheelchairs for seniors.


Medicare and Medicaid

Different parts of the government-run Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare provides health coverage no matter the income for ages 65 and above or those under 65 but has a disability. While Medicaid only provides health coverage for people with very low income. If you qualify for both, you can be dually eligible.  


Check your Insurance Company

Some health insurance policies cover the cost of having a wheelchair. The easiest way to know if your health insurance policy covers the cost of having a wheelchair is to check your insurance policy and look for the term Durable Medical Equipment. Usually the terms will cover any regular walking aid for old people.

Generally, a wheelchair will not require a prescription but if you want to get free wheelchairs for seniors, having one will be necessary for your or your elderly loved ones’ insurance to cover the cost.


The Wheelchair Foundation

The Wheelchair Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to raise awareness for the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities. Their mission statement expressly states it. The Wheelchair Foundations aims delivers Hope, Mobility and Independence to every child, teen, and adult who needs a wheelchair but cannot afford one.


Check your Local Community

Most, if not all communities offer free wheelchairs for our elderly loved ones and mobility impaired individuals. Check your local charities or your church organization for the needed requirements to be eligible for their program. You may be able to get any appropriate sitting walker for elderly within the of registering.


Always Consult a Professional and be Clear about What you Want

After reading about the different types of wheelchairs available, you should be able to purchase any good walking assistance devices for the elderly. Always remember to consult a professional before investing in any assistive devices for the elderly walkers. They can easily tell you what kind of wheelchair is needed. Giving advice if a special walking aid for old people tailor-fit to your senior is trustworthy. Purchasing any walking assistance devices for the elderly will always involve you considering the special needs of the user.

If buying any walking aid for old people is something that is financially difficult for you, there are various organizations and charitable institutions listed above which will help you get one. Walking assistance devices for the elderly is not that difficult to get or to avail of from various institutions. I hope I have been able to give you a comprehensive guide when purchasing a wheelchair.



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