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Choose a Self Lifting Chair for Elderly


As we grow older, the need to focus on taking care of our bodies and joints becomes apparent. A self-lifting chair is an excellent investment for injured people to reduce strain on their muscles. Not only that, easy lift chairs for elderly loved ones are fantastic gifts because of their features. Some mechanical lift chairs seniors can get will even include a heat and massage! Today we will talk about self-lifting chair, the different kinds of raising chairs for the elderly, and the benefits of investing in the best power lift chairs for the elderly.

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What is a Self Lifting Chair?

A lift chair, also known as a power lift chair, is similar to a reclining chair. It helps the user stand up. First ones were developed at the beginning of the 1980s. A lift chair does not only aid mobility but is also a comfortable piece of furniture worth investing in.

The way lift seats for the elderly work is through an electric powered motor that helps raise and recline the chair. It results in making it easier for the elderly or its user to sit and stand up without assistance. Most of the best power lift chairs for the elderly follow this standard but have additional features.

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Is a Self Lifting Chair for Elderly the Right Investment?

Investing in a lift chair might seem like a luxury investment for some. However, our elderly loved ones will see it as a necessity. This chair helps aid movement and keep the independence of elderly people. A doctor or therapist may recommend a self lifting chair for you if you have difficulty in moving. This recommendation will be given regardless of whether you are young or old.

My best advice would be to go to your doctor and ask for help if you need a lift chair. Especially if you have certain medical conditions related to mobility. However, a lift chair doesn’t really need a prescription so investing in one will ultimately be your own personal preference.

Also, one thing to note is that if you have severe arthritis or hip pain, Medicare might be able to cover a part of the costs. Provided that you are able to acquire a prescription from your doctor that such is necessary. Because lift chairs qualify as Durable Medical Equipment, Medicare will be able to cover parts of the cost. Before purchasing, it is best to contact your plan to know more if you are eligible for a discounted rate.

How Will an Elderly Person’s Lift Chair Help?

As discussed, a lift chair will help in giving independence to people who have a difficult time standing up or sitting down. There are a number of good mechanical lift chairs seniors can get in the market nowadays. Any self lifting chair has several benefits which I will share and discuss.



Provides Independence to the User

Older people and those with mobility issues can benefit greatly from using a lift chair. They help the user stand up and sit down without help from anybody else. When we get older, we sometimes lose that feeling of independence that we need.

Independence gives rise to having a sense of purpose in life. Even the act of being able to stand up and sit down without any help can regain that sense of purpose. This act will also help in having a more productive life.



Can help prevent Edema

Swollen legs become more common as a person gets older. A self lifting chair allows the user to raise their legs in a comfortable position. This feature greatly improves blood circulation and reduces swelling.


Reduces the Risk of Injury

A self-rising chair for the elderly is also beneficial since it helps reduce the risk of injury. Standing up and sitting down might be easy for some. However, when getting older we tend to have difficulty in doing that. A lift chair can help a person stand independently with the support a lift chair offers.

After discussing some of the benefits of investing in a lift chair, let us discuss the different kinds available in the market. This will make it easier for you to choose which one to purchase.

Offers Relaxation Benefits to its Users

Aside from its health benefits, a lift chair is also perfect for relaxation purposes. Other types of old-person chair lifts offer heat and massage. It makes the perfect chair to sit on during a cold winter night.

Kinds of Easy Lift Chairs for Elderly

Two-Position Lift Chairs

This type of lift chair is the easiest to find in the market. It offers a basic recline function of up to 45 degrees. The footrest flips into position while the chair reclines and cannot be operated on its own.

One advantage of this type of lift chair is that it is the most affordable option available. It is also comfortable to use for reading or watching TV. However, most kinds of two-position lift chairs are smaller in size, making them uncomfortable for longer periods of time.


Three-Position Lift Chairs

The second type of lift chair is the three-position lift chair. This type is a bit more expensive compared to the first one. It allows the user to recline the chair up to 180 degrees or an almost flat position. This feature makes it perfect for napping.

You cannot independently operate the footrest in this type. It flips up on its own like in a two-position lift chair. A lot of people find this feature convenient and consider three-position lift chairs as one of the best power lift chairs for elderly loved ones.


Infinite Position Lift Chair

This is one of the most expensive mechanical lift chairs seniors can get out of the three. The infinite position lift chair can allow the user to recline to a flat position making it perfect for sleeping too. It also has more comfortable seats which makes it more comfortable to use for longer periods of time.

Unlike the first two, this type of lift chair allows the user to independently control the recline positions and the position of the footrest. This feature makes it suit an individual’s needs perfectly.

Additionally, some lift chairs also boast a heat and massage feature. You can usually find this in the three-position lift chair and the infinite position lift chair.


Choosing the Best Self Lifting Chair for Elderly

A lift chair might seem like a costly investment, but the benefit it has more than makes up for it. With mechanical lift chairs, seniors are able to have more comfortable lives. Gelling an old person chair lift or any of the raising chairs for the elderly are good investments. Lastly, Medicare might be able to cover part of the costs if you are eligible, making it more affordable.


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