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Do Practical and Financial Planning For Elderly Parents

It makes sense to come up with a helping aging parents checklist. Our senior parents aren’t as strong as they used to be. If before they are the ones who are very supportive, they are now in need of aid. Old age often makes people weak or even disabled. Besides, it’s time to show them gratitude for the kindness that they once provided us.

In making a guide, cover the different needs of the aged persons and caregivers involved. It would be to establish caregiving strategies and financial plans. After all, it would be best to confront this issue of aging and organize matters early. Doing so could help deal with and even prevent potential problems in the future.

planning for elderly parent

Talk About The Helping Aging Parents Checklist

Have a meaningful conversation about this with all involved parties. As much as possible, the children of the seniors need to be there. Even the presence of elderly parents is important. It isn’t only to have all matters settled at once, but to give everyone the chance to talk. Besides, it may be impossible to cover everything in one sitting.

helping aging parents checklistThe goal is to find out and handle the needs and wishes of the seniors while they age or because they are old. There must be an open discussion. That is to have all relevant concerns and productive ideas heard. This may be a touchy subject so timing is also the key to getting this right.

Things To Consider

Talking in person might not always be possible. Thus make room to do conference calls or video meetings. But be considerate with everyone’s schedules. Make sure that siblings, parents, and other important individuals are present. Oftentimes, decision-making happens during these conversations.

During these talks, it would be ideal to discuss the specifics of elderly parent care. This means chatting about their future living condition and health concerns. These things will help in having a smooth transition later on.

Tips In Financial Planning For Elderly Parents

Geriatric parents may find it difficult or impossible to handle their finances. Their cognitive decline and physical limitations make processing things hard or unfeasible. So helping them manage money matters could help. It may give stress relief to the elderly and caregivers altogether.

Cover The Basics

  • Have a chat about retirement and money matters. That is even if these are often sensitive topics for senior parents. They are very important and it is best to talk about them before emergencies happen. Hear what the old folks have to say about these first even if they are in denial. Mention your intention to help and all the people who want to do the same.
  • Discuss their sources of income, financial management capabilities, and living expenses. This could pinpoint what help they need and how you could assist. It may determine which aspects they need to improve or have help with.

Take Responsibility and Get Help

  • Power of attorney to manage finances. This will allow elderly parents to select the people who will act on their behalf in the future. It is for when they will be unable to decide for themselves later.
  • Get professionals involved if needed. A family counselor or lawyer can guide people when it comes to facing these things. They can help in handling financial affairs and make sure everything is in place.

Gather Important and Legal Paperwork

  • Bank account records and card statements. Have a list of bank accounts to have access to them. Gather their debit or credit cards and all the relevant statements too. See their savings and financial standing.
  • Collect the different bill statements. Check if there are monthly or annual bills and know what they are for.
  • Borrowed and owed money and things. Be aware of loans and debts to cover or least have awareness of all financial obligations. It is important to include this in your helping aging parents checklist.
  • Benefit verification letter and social security statement. These documents can help in different ways. They can prove your parent’s income and retirement. They may also help in loan processing. Have these to make sure that your parents’ social security records are right too.
  • Pension and annuity documents. Senior parents might have paid for these to ensure their finances in the future. Have these to know the amount owed to them by insurers while they are alive.
  • Tax returns. Records of these may show people’s tax liabilities and payment schedules. They can also help process refunds for overpayments.

Consider and Fix Health and Medical Concerns

These topics ought to be a part of a helping aging parents checklist. It’s only because they affect the lifestyle and finances of old mothers and fathers. Find out the current and possible problems and find the solutions to them. Make adjustments as needed.

Common Elderly Issues That Affect Finances

  • Stress from housing and healthcare bills. Problems with accommodation and health can take a toll on people. The elderly get affected the most because of their health and financial condition. To cope, they need emotional support and financial aid from different sources.
  • Malnutrition. This may happen to those who have more or less than what they need. Lacking food can be a problem since it can cause hunger and other related issues. Being obese can put seniors at risk of suffering from life-threatening conditions. Old people can adjust to these through proper dieting. They may need help to buy, prepare, and serve food.
  • Reduced savings and unemployment. A lot of retired folks experience job loss and have no means of income. It can happen to people due to a variety of circumstances. As long as there are folks who can help and remedies to situations, there will always be hope.
  • Caregiver availability. Some of those who care for seniors may not always be there to help. They might have some other priorities and obligations to face. Yet there are many caregivers around who are open to assisting. It is only that you need to find them and have the resources to pay for their services. Relatives and friends may even help without charge.

Address Denials In Financial Planning For Elderly Parents

Like those who came before them, geriatric folks still want to be independent for the most part. They can deny their need for aid sometimes. It is also plausible for caregivers to have the same denial. Most who can’t accept the weakness of old people are those who depend so much on or do not know them. Thus addressing denials is a crucial part of a helping aging parents checklist.

aging parents finances checklist

Help the old people and those who are caring for them understand the truth. Make them see that problems may arise and seniors may turn dependent. Further are some tips that may help clarify these points.


  • Accept that seniors tend to refuse help. Understand their motivation why they reject aid. This may help you identify better ways to approach them. So try to talk to them when they are more receptive to your advances to help.
  • Offer options to make life better for everyone. Do lifestyle and financial planning for elderly parents. Get significant people involved.
  • Treat aging parents like how you would any adult. This may establish your position as a respectable grown-up. Parents often think that they always know what’s best for their kids even when they are adults. Thus have some strictness and be firm with your decisions.
  • Show everyone involved the realities of aging. Yet remember to point out the ways to manage old age too. Facing the truths by being aware of problems can help make people more cooperative. Caregivers and elderly folks may also work well together when there are goals to reach.

In Conclusion

Having a helping aging parents checklist is smart. With it, you would have a guide to follow when it comes to taking care of your senior parents. Also, it will aid you in covering everything and providing the best help you can give.

The people involved in the care, and even the elderly, might not accept or be receptive to it right away. This is understandable because denial is also natural. You only need to address people’s concerns by hearing and offering solutions to them.

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