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Follow A Healthy Meal Plan For Elderly Person Health

Seniors have unique nutritional needs due to aging. Their health conditions demand that they have fewer calories and nutrients than before. Thus a meal plan for senior citizens is important to have. There must be a guide to let old people enjoy eating while staying healthy at the same time. 

Why and How Diet Plans Elderly Can Use Are Helpful

Having a proper diet can help seniors achieve good health, nutrition, and even fitness. Meal planning can ensure that old people only have the ideal diet with enough of their needs per meal. Thus a meal plan for senior citizens can provide convenience.

meal plan for senior citizens

Smart Use Of Time

Organizing meals can help with time management. It helps in deciding what to eat and when to have the selected food. Estimating the time for grocery shopping and cooking becomes easy too. Thus, you would be more practical. In that way, you won’t have to rush buying stuff, do aimless shopping, and end up overspending.

Manage Food Portions and Weight Better

Planning your food consumption can let you divide portions right. This would help you make sure that there would always be enough. Likewise, dividing food may help with weight management.

It’s possible to create a meal plan for elderly persons weight reduction or gain. Advance prepping makes it easy to decide where big and small portions ought to be.

Reduces Food Wastage

Creating a menu ahead can reduce or even prevent food waste. Having it will allow you to shop early and see which ingredients you need. You will likely end up getting the right amount and adequate items for your cooking. So you could provide for the elderly without using up more than enough resources. 

Makes Cooking Less Stressful

Elderly care entails more responsibilities than cooking for seniors in their homes alone. So it pays to do advance prepping. It helps in cooking food ahead for heating later. A menu can also save you from rushing and making mistakes in food preparation. Thus it can take the pressure off a lot of things.

Often Include Healthy Options

The organization makes it possible to have good meals for elderly folks. You can plan to include healthy ingredients in what they eat. Also, you have the option to reduce or get rid of those that are unhealthy. Being in a hurry when planning meals often leads to buying takeout or eating out. Restaurants might serve food items not ideal for seniors to consume.

Prepping food early can ensure the inclusion of the right portions of calories and nutrients. It can aid in restricting harmful food or at least excessive consumption of them.

Calories and Nutrients In The Meal Plan For Senior Citizens

The diet plans elderly folks will find useful are those with the right values. This means the menu ought to have food with the ideal calories and nutrients. This is to serve seniors best and keep them healthy.

The Calorie Requirement Of Geriatric Folks

Studies show that old persons need more or less 2000 calories daily. This is to keep them energized throughout the day. Take note that calories are there to supply energy to the body. Not having enough may result in sluggishness and mobility issues.

This doesn’t mean that aged people can take all the calories they need in one sitting. Rather, they need divided meals. Also, they need the most energy closest to the times when they are active.

The Macronutrient Needs of Older Adults

Seniors need enough nutrients to support the functioning of their bodies. They have to have the right things to keep the organs going and chemicals produced. So there must be adequate carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This is to have immediate energy, the means to build and fix body tissue and get energy reserves. 

There have to be plenty of carbohydrates as compared to proteins and fats. This means having 45-65% carbs daily. It’s 10-35% for proteins and 20-35% for fats. This is the recommended ratio of macros for the elderly. Good meals for elderly people should have these.

How Cooking For Seniors In Their Home Can Be Challenging

There is not a single meal plan for senior citizens that is perfect for everyone. That’s because each old person has different requirements due to their uniqueness. More often than not, seniors have different body changes due to aging. So it’s up to the person who does the food preparation to adjust to the demands of the elderly. 

meal plan for senior citizens

Here are some of the usual changes that happen to old people. Included are also what caregivers could do to adapt to such transformations. That is through meal planning.


The loss of teeth and the use of dentures can prove to be problematic. These issues may alter a person’s ability to chew and enjoy food. So, in diet planning, these points must be thought of.

Having the right ingredients to come up with soft diet meals is important. That’s because food must not only be soft but also dense. That is to say, it needs to be rich in nutrients and with the right calories.

Soft Food Samples
  • Juiced and canned fruits and vegetables
  • Creamed or mashed veggies
  • Egg, milk, cheese
  • Cereal, bread pudding, soft confectioneries


It is imperative to have diet plans elderly folks can tolerate. A lot of geriatric patients experience diarrhea and constipation with old age. So these folks must eat what could make their bowel movement regular.

Elderly Gut Food To Have and Limit
  • BRAT diet can be for seniors. It includes banana, rice, applesauce, and toast that can work to treat diarrhea. They are easy to digest.
  • Elders need to avoid having too much dairy, fatty, spicy, and caffeinated food. That would be since they cause loose stools.
  • Fiber-rich food like vegetables, whole grains, and fruits can help those with constipation. Fiber can improve stool weight, size, and softness.


The taste of food differs after growing old due to the alteration of senses. So it’s quite understandable why seniors often complain of blandness, bitterness, and sourness. It’s different for them when they eat. This may cause a decrease in satisfaction or the loss of appetite too.

The remedy for this is improving the portion size of the food and meal presentation. Giving bigger portions and appetizing food matters. For this, asking elderly folks about their preferences could help. That is in advance prepping of food and senior nutrition. 

Things To Improve A Meal Plan For Senior Citizens

To have a more fulfilling diet, you may want to incorporate certain items. These are ingredients to make meals flavorful, nutritious, and appetizing. Below are some examples of what you could add to your meals.

Add-ons To Make Good Meals For Elderly Health

  • Have spices, herbs, onions, and garlic for more flavor. Don’t depend on salt.
  • Include fresh or frozen veggies and nuts plus whole grains in some dishes. They are dense in nutrients and fiber which makes them healthy.
  • Use yams, sweet potatoes, and other complex carbohydrates for natural sugars. They are healthier than artificial and added sugars.
  • Research about food with plentiful vitamins and add them too. With them, meals become beneficial and enjoyable altogether.

Plan What To Eat But Help With The Feeding

Old people may find it challenging to eat by themselves due to many reasons. Those who have problems with their senses may have problems eating. They might not identify and appreciate food right away. Thus they need guidance. Others who have neurological conditions may need someone to help them eat.

Part of the planning involves knowing the capability of seniors. That is to not only in buying and preparing food but also in feeding themselves. Caregivers need to consider elderly mental and physical limitations while organizing meals. Being considerate and cautious helps a lot in geriatric care.


It is wise to have a meal plan for senior citizens. Creating various menus may even be necessary too. It’s to adjust and serve seniors best. Having these organized meals can help with the aging process. It can help in making caregiving easy somehow too.

Meal plans can ensure that the elderly get the right stuff. With them, old folks can have enough calories and nutrients. They can also get the right portion, form, and taste. Thus they are perfect for health and worth creating.

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