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Dad liked to keep some things close by. His remote, glasses, car magazine, and cough drops needed to be within easy reach. So when we switched from his recliner to a lift chair, we searched for a new table that would work with his new chair.  I had no idea so many options existed! As we sited through the best chair side table for lift chair options for lift chair compatibility, some showed great promise. Here’s what we found.



Best Chair Side Table Options for Lift Chair, Recliner, or Bedside


In the realm of furniture that accents your living space and enhances functionality, chair side tables are a subtle yet significant addition. Occupying the space next to your favorite chair or the end of your sofa, these small tables offer a convenient spot to place a drink, hold a book, or support a decorative lamp. While often overlooked, the right side table can tie a room together and provide you with that extra bit of practicality and comfort that elevates your relaxation or entertaining experience.

When considering the best chair side table for a lift chair, the key factors to focus on include the material, size, stability, and style. Materials range from classic wood to modern metals and glass, each adding a different aesthetic and durability to your space. Size is crucial, as the table needs to be proportionate to your chair and leave enough room for movement.

Stability is a must, especially if you plan to place heavier items atop it. No one wants a wobbly table causing spills or accidents. Lastly, the style should complement your room’s decor, whether you’re looking for something minimalistic and modern or ornate and traditional.

During your search for that perfect sidekick to your chair, it’s also important to consider the storage options it provides. Some tables offer drawers or shelves, which can be perfect for tucking away remotes, glasses, or reading material. Keeping these features in mind, you’ll find a piece that’s aesthetically pleasing and fully serves its intended purpose.

After exhaustive research and various product tests, we’ve honed in on a selection of chair side tables for lift chairs that excel in form and function. These standout pieces promise to be a practical and stylish addition to any living area.

Traditional or Portable (TV Tray): Which is Best?


Traditional or Portable


When deciding between a traditional chair side table for a lift chair and a portable TV tray, your choice heavily relies on your lifestyle and space requirements.


Traditional Chair Side Table

  • Sturdiness – Offers a stable surface that is less likely to topple over.
  • Aesthetics – Available in various designs to complement your home decor.
  • Maintenance – Generally requires less frequent movement, leading to less wear and tear.

However, it is worth noting that they are often heavier and not easily moved, making them less versatile if you require flexibility in your living space.


Portable TV Tray

  • Mobility – Easy to move and ideal for homes with limited space.
  • Convenience – Can be folded and stored when not in use.
  • Multipurpose – Use it for meals, as a laptop stand, or for other activities.

Be aware that portable TV trays can be less durable than traditional tables and may not blend seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic.

When making your decision, consider the following:

  • Space – Small living area or multipurpose use? Go for a TV tray.
  • Stability – Need for a dependable and sturdy surface? Pick a traditional table.
  • Design – Looking for something to fit your interior design scheme? A traditional side table might be beneficial.

Your lifestyle dictates your best option. Take a moment to evaluate your daily habits and living environment before choosing the piece that aligns with your needs.

What We Chose


While the table was used mainly by Dad’s lift chair, we wanted to be able to take it to the deck and even to the patio. That meant it needed to be portable and easy for me to move.

However, Dad’s stroke left him a bit shaky, so the table needed to be sturdy. In the end, it seemed the best choice for Dad was the HITACTS Overbed Table. It seemed to be a bit much at times, but it was durable and did exactly what we needed.

The wheels were helpful when I needed to move the table to another area. And the adjustable height helped reposition as needed.

I wish the top could have turned in other directions, but most don’t have that.

Dad also had a pocket on the side of his lift chair seat cover for everyday use. His remote and bag of cough drops resided there when not in use.

After using the table, we felt that we had made the best choice for Dad’s needs. Your loved one’s needs might differ, so read on for other options.

Top Chair Side Tables for Your Home


Top Chair Side Tables for Your Home


When choosing the perfect chair side table for a lift chair, you want a blend of functionality and style that complements your space. Whether you need a spot for your coffee mug, a place for your favorite books, or a little extra storage, the right table can make all the difference. In the selection below, you will find tables that offer the best in terms of quality, design, and value, ensuring you find one that fits your needs and enhances your room’s ambiance.

Portable for Chair or Bedside Use


Portability is key when considering a side table that you can easily move between a chair and your bedside. You’ll want a lightweight yet durable table, ensuring that moving it doesn’t become a hassle. Look for options with casters or sliding pads to glide over flooring easily without causing damage.

Here’s what to consider for a portable chair side or bedside table:

  • Weight – Aim for a table that’s light enough to move effortlessly but not so light that it topples over easily. Tables under 20 pounds are usually ideal.
  • Handle Design – Some tables come with built-in handles. This feature makes them easier to grip and reposition.
  • Size – Compact dimensions allow the table to fit in small spaces beside a bed or a chair. Opt for tables with a footprint of around 15”x20” or smaller.
  • Storage Features – Even with portability, you shouldn’t sacrifice storage. Look for tables with shelves or drawers to keep essentials within reach.


FeatureWhy It’s Important
Lightweight ConstructionEases movement between locations
Casters or Sliding PadsProtects flooring during movement
Built-in HandlesSimplifies repositioning
Compact SizeFits in limited spaces
Storage OptionsMaintains functionality and utility


When selecting your portable chair side table for a lift chair, emphasize a balance between functionality and ease of movement. This ensures that your table serves its purpose without becoming a burden to shift when your needs change.

Able Life TV Tray Table


Able Life TV Tray Table, Chair Side Table for Lift Chair


You’ll appreciate the convenience and simplicity this side table brings to your space, seamlessly integrating with your daily routine.



  • Ample space for your work essentials with its oversized lap desk design
  • Straightforward assembly without needing extra tools
  • Modern look that complements your home decor and swivel feature for easy access



  • It may not fit perfectly with all furniture due to the required distance between chair legs.
  • Not intended for freestanding use that could limit placement options
  • Grip pads may not fit all flooring types, potentially leading to movement


Transform your favorite chair into a workstation or dining spot with the Able Life TV Tray Table. The oversized bamboo tray is spacious, supporting your laptop or meals comfortably. Whether you’re clocking in for a remote work session or enjoying a meal while watching TV, this table has got you covered.

Its modern design effortlessly adapts to the look of any room, adding a touch of elegance. With an easy-to-clean surface, tidying your workspace or dining area is no trouble. Plus, the 360-degree swivel feature is a game-changer, allowing you to move the table out of the way quickly when you need to get up or simply want to make space.

Installing the table is a breeze. It slides under your chair or sofa. There is no fuss about needing extra gadgets or tools.

Adjustability is a prime feature here, with height options and base length to fit various furniture sizes. However, you should note that it’s essential to have your furniture sized right for proper fit and stability to avoid any stoppage or movement issues.

TOPSKY Side Table


TOPSKY side table, Chair Side Table for Lift Chair


If you’re in the market for a chair side table for a lift chair that blends convenience with reliability, the TOPSKY Side Table is a standout choice thanks to its electric height adjustability and sturdy design.



  • Effortless electric height adjustments make it suitable for various sitting or standing needs.
  • Equipped with both types of casters for stability and mobility across diverse scenarios.
  • The spacious tabletop can handle substantial loads without compromising on stability.



  • Limited to near power outlets due to the electric lift feature requiring AC power.
  • At 55lbs capacity, it may not be suitable for extremely heavy items or equipment.
  • The size may be cumbersome in smaller spaces.


The TOPSKY Side Table’s power lift system is an absolute game-changer for those who love versatility. Whether you’re working from your home office or recuperating in bed, you’ll find the smooth height adjustment to align perfectly with your needs. The dual-caster design means you can choose the mobility that suits your scenario, easily gliding from room to room or locking in place for steadfast support.

In terms of construction, the heavy-duty steel frame assures longevity, and after using it for your bedside or sofa convenience, it’s clear that the table retains its shape and height position without any unwanted shifting. Its spacious top can comfortably hold your laptop, books, and even your meals, making your day-to-day activities more accessible.

Yet, the need to be near an outlet for the electric feature could put a damper on its placement flexibility. And while it securely supports a variety of items, those with hefty equipment might want to think twice before placing oversized loads on it. For individuals in compact living situations, the table’s size might pose a challenge when navigating around tight quarters.

Still, the TOPSKY Side Table emerges as an incredibly useful piece of furniture, combining contemporary design with practical features. Its ease of use and adaptability to different needs and settings make it a solid purchase for anyone looking to enhance their living or workspace.

Able Life Tray Table


able life tray table, Chair Side Table for Lift Chair


This Able Life Tray Table elevates your living space with its combined convenience and support, making everyday activities easier for you.



  • Enhances safety with a sturdy, ergonomic handle
  • Includes a multitasking bamboo tray with swivel action
  • Simple to assemble without the need for extra tools



  • Lack of a locking mechanism for the tray
  • Adjustability could be smoother
  • Tray placement may be too close for some chair types


The Able Life Tray Table effortlessly merges into your home, providing a secure, supportive grip that will instill confidence as you rise or sit. The solid construction and ergonomic handle design are indicative of the product’s reliability, offering a blend of support and independence for users with mobility concerns.

Boasting a bamboo surface, the table’s ability to swivel 360 degrees underscores its versatility, catering to various activities, from enjoying a meal to working on your laptop. It’s a piece of furniture that accommodates your needs with elegance and functionality.

Assembly, often a drawback with furniture, is refreshingly straightforward here. The inclusion of all necessary parts for installation allows for a hassle-free setup. This table quickly becomes an integral part of your living space, reflecting a blend of practical design and convenience.

Stander Omni Tray Table


stander omni tray table, Chair Side Table for Lift Chair


This Omni Tray Table by Stander could significantly improve your comfort and independence if you value those needs.



  • It provides convenient mobility support with its sturdy handle.
  • Features a spacious, swivel bamboo tray for versatile use
  • Effortless assembly with the included equipment



  • Stability may be compromised if not well anchored under chair legs
  • Limited to use with compatible furniture due to specific base length
  • The top may become wobbly over time with heavy use.


The Omni Tray is more than just a side table. It’s a versatile piece that combines a TV tray’s functionality with a mobility aid’s safety features.

When you have it by your side, you have a trusty spot for your laptop or meals. Its 360-degree swivel capability lets it adapt to your space, tucking away neatly when not in use.

Its convenience is matched by support. As you grip the ergonomic handle, you feel the assistance it offers in transitioning from sitting to standing from your chair. This is particularly reassuring if you’ve noticed a need for a little extra help lately.

The design of this tray table respects both utility and aesthetics, blending with your other furniture when you opt for passive use. The straightforward instructions and included tools make assembling it a breeze.

And its bamboo surface isn’t just durable. It adds a warm, inviting touch to your living space.

Remember, while the tray is robust, balancing it under your furniture is key to ensuring its stability. You’ll also want to check the compatibility with your existing chair dimensions to make an informed purchase. Although it’s built to last, like any frequently-used item, it might show signs of wear eventually.

All in all, the Stander Omni Tray Table is a thoughtful addition to any living room where functionality and support are desired.

HITACTS Adjustable Table


HITACTS adjustable table


Your home office or recovery space will embrace functionality and convenience with the HITACTS Adjustable Table by your side.



  • Easily adjustable height allows for versatile use.
  • Smooth-rolling, lockable wheels enable mobility and stability as needed.
  • The sturdy, easy-to-clean surface with a protective lip prevents items from slipping off.



  • Some assembly is required, which may be challenging for anyone not accustomed to DIY projects.
  • Height adjustment might require you to stand, which can be inconvenient when in bed.
  • Locking wheels sometimes engage unintentionally, which could be a nuisance.


The HITACTS Adjustable Table caters to comfort and adaptability. Adjustments in height from your sofa or bedside happen with minimal effort, granting a perfect match for various activities, from laptop work to late-night reading.

Moreover, the table glides effortlessly on its castors, dodging the annoyance of hard-to-move furniture. Once it’s in place, the lock feature on the wheels ensures the table remains stationary, giving you a dependable, unwavering surface.

Durability isn’t an afterthought. This table boasts a solid build with reinforced steel, promising a long-lasting life span.

Thanks to its easy-clean tabletop, a simple wipe-down is all it takes to keep this table looking new. Whether you’re recovering, caring for a loved one, or just seeking an adaptable work surface, this table stands ready to meet your needs.

Traditional Side Table


When selecting a traditional side table, you typically find designs that echo classic styles such as Queen Anne, Chippendale, or Shaker. These tables tend to have a rectangular shape with straight or slightly curved legs, often featuring intricate details like fluting, scalloped edges, or carving.


Key Features

  • Materials – Commonly crafted from solid woods like mahogany, oak, or cherry.
  • Finish – Look for rich stains that emphasize the wood grain, giving you a timeless appeal.
  • Storage – Many traditional side tables include drawers or lower shelves for added functionality.


Choosing the Right One

  1. Measure your space – Ensure that the side table will fit in the desired space and is proportionate to your chair or sofa.
  2. Consider the height – The table should be at the same height as the arm of your seating for easy access.
  3. Match your existing decor – Select a table that complements your room’s existing furnishings and architectural features.

Remember, your traditional side table should not only be a place to set down your drink or book but also an element that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space. It’s a functional piece of furniture that carries with it the charm and warmth of classic design.

Leick Home Delton Side Table


leick home delton side table


You’ll appreciate the Leick Home Delton Side Table’s construction and finish if you’re aiming for a seamlessly elegant look in your compact living spaces.



  • Enhances small spaces with its wedge design
  • Features a high display shelf, simplifying cleaning
  • Constructed from sturdy, solid hardwood



  • Top finish may vary from expectations
  • Some assembly required
  • Heavier than some alternative side tables


Initially, you will notice the wedge shape, making it an ideal fit for the often-unused space between chairs or beside a sofa. The solid hardwood feels robust, ensuring confidence in the table’s durability and stability when placing items on top.

Upon installation, which is straightforward, its underbeveled edge details draw attention, offering a subtle decorative touch without overwhelming the room’s aesthetic. It’s conveniently sized, managing to avoid appearing bulky or out of place, particularly in smaller apartments or condos.

What becomes evident is the functionality of the high display shelf. It provides additional storage for books or decor and raises off the ground, making vacuuming a breeze, an often overlooked yet practical feature. Overall, the table’s craftsmanship aligns with its practicality, serving as a reliable piece of furniture that blends seamlessly with various interior designs.

SAMERY Recliner Side Table


SAMERY recliner side table


The practical elegance and modern convenience of the SAMERY Recliner Side Table will effortlessly enhance your living space.



  • Built-in cup holders provide easy access to drinks.
  • Ample hidden storage maintains a clutter-free area.
  • The table features wireless charging for your gadgets.



  • It may be bulky for smaller spaces.
  • Wireless charging may not be compatible with all devices.
  • Heavier than traditional end tables, it is difficult to move.


The second you set down your drink in one of the integrated cup holders, you’ll appreciate how the SAMERY Side Table makes lounging more enjoyable. You can grab your beverage without missing a moment of your favorite show—no more pauses or awkward spills. The cup holders just made life that much simpler.

Under the tabletop, a hidden storage compartment is a boon for keeping living spaces tidy. If you despise clutter as much as I do, you’ll be thankful for the spot to stash your remotes, books, and other odds and ends.

And then there’s the convenience of powering up your device without searching for cords. There’s wireless charging right at your chairside.

You’re set up for an uninterrupted connection by placing your phone on the designated spot. Not all devices are wireless charging compatible, so ensure your tech is up to date.

The table’s robust build gives off an air of quality that reassures you of its longevity. Its contemporary style fits beautifully in various settings, seamlessly blending into your personal decor. It’s quite an investment, considering its versatility and the flair it adds to your space.

While the heft contributes to the table’s sturdiness, it does mean that rearranging your setup is a bit of a workout. This shouldn’t deter you unless you often like to change things around. Just find the perfect spot for it and let it serve its purpose.

The hospitality of having everything you need within your reach, combined with the tech integration, makes this side table a notable addition to any home. The SAMERY Recliner Side Table provides that touch of luxury and convenience you didn’t know you needed. If you value comfort paired with modernity, it’s worth considering as a fresh addition to your furniture collection.

Leick Recliner Wedge End Table


LEick Recliner Wedge end table


If you’re looking for a stylish and functional side table that effortlessly fits into tight spaces and complements your recliner, this Leick End Table is a must-have.


  • Ample storage with a unique wedge shape that slides neatly next to your seating
  • Durable solid wood construction with a timeless rustic oak finish
  • Easy setup, requiring only attachment of the legs to enjoy its functionality


  • Surface prone to scratching, which requires careful handling
  • Limited color choices may not suit all decor themes
  • The rustic finish might differ slightly from the images due to its hand-applied nature

This Leick Recliner Wedge End Table seems to snugly fit next to your favorite chair, offering a smooth table top for your lamp or drink and a bottom shelf perfect for books or other small items. The rich, hand-applied finish brings warmth to the room, speaking to the craftsmanship behind the piece. It feels sturdy and reliable, not just an ordinary piece of furniture but one that’s built to last.

Pulling it right out of the box and putting it together feels like a breeze. You slot the legs in swiftly with just enough effort to reassure you of its stability. No complicated tools or frustrating hours are lost.

Once in place, its ambient charm becomes a focal point, enhancing the overall coziness of your space.

While the real wood composition screams quality, you’ll find yourself needing to be a tad careful to avoid scratches on the otherwise resilient surface. The natural variation from its hand-finished process means each piece will have its own personality, a small price for the unique charm it brings to your space. Cozy, compact, and solid, it’s clear why this table could quickly become a firm favorite in any home.

Ball & Cast Chair Side Table


Ball Cast Chair table


Your quest for a multipurpose side table ends with this classic, charging station-equipped piece, blending convenience and style seamlessly.



  • Integrated charging station with outlets and USB ports keeps devices powered and at arm’s reach.
  • Ample storage options offer both open and concealed spaces for a clutter-free look.
  • It arrives fully assembled, saving you time and effort.



  • The cord length may require an extension in some setups.
  • The top flap must stay open for cord access, which might disrupt the table’s aesthetic.
  • Possible shipping damages were reported, though customer service seems responsive.


Having recently integrated the Ball & Cast Chair Side Table into a cozy reading corner, I immediately appreciated its built-in charging station. It’s such a relief to finally clear away the cable clutter that often accompanies my multiple devices. The charging ports are discreetly hidden yet easily accessible, so my phone and tablet are always powered up without unsightly cords.

The table’s ability to provide both open shelving and a hidden compartment impresses me when it comes to organization. It holds books, remote controls, and even my favorite coaster set. The top surface, spacious enough for a lamp and a few decorative items, perfectly complements the chair beside it.

The craftsmanship is noteworthy, with a sturdy construction that promises durability. It’s a relief to skip the assembly process, as the table arrives ready to be placed in its new home. Despite the fact that you might need to find a workaround for the cord length, which seemed a tad short for my space, it’s a minor inconvenience for what the table offers.

In terms of aesthetics, while the table certainly carries a functional appeal, I find that I have to leave the top flap up when charging devices, which slightly detracts from its sleek design. Similar experiences with shipping mishaps were shared among a few reviews, yet these seemed efficiently handled by quick replacements. Despite these minor flaws, the Ball & Cast Chair Side Table holds its ground as a worthy contender for your space, offering a fusion of utility and classic style.

Buying Guide


When looking for the best chair side table for a lift chair, consider several key features that will ensure you get a product that suits your space and needs.

Size & Fit

Ensure the table fits in your intended space and is the correct height relative to your chair.

  • Measure the height of the armrest and choose a table of similar height.
  • Check the dimensions of the area where you’ll place the table to avoid a cramped look.

Material & Durability

Select materials that match your aesthetic and offer longevity.

  • Wood – Classic, sturdy, but may require more maintenance.
  • Metal – Modern, durable, typically requires less care.
  • Glass – Elegant, can open up spaces, but more fragile.

Storage & Functionality

Consider if you need additional storage or specific features.

  • Look for tables with drawers, shelves, or compartments if storage is a priority.
  • Foldable or extendable tables offer versatility in function.

Style & Design

The table should complement your existing decor.

  • Contemporary – Clean lines, minimalistic, often metallic or glass materials.
  • Traditional – Ornate details, wood finishes.
  • Industrial – Utilitarian appearance, often with a combination of wood and metal.

Price & Budget

Stay within your budget but invest in quality to avoid frequent replacements.

  • More expensive doesn’t always mean better. Weigh the cost against the features and materials.
  • Consider the longevity and durability of the material for cost-effectiveness over time.

Use this guide as a roadmap to choosing a chair side table that aligns with your preferences and practical needs.




Wrapping It Up


Choosing the right chair side table for a lift chair can significantly enhance your daily comfort and convenience. Whether for a lift chair, recliner, or bedside, the perfect table combines functionality and style to meet your needs. Don’t settle for less.

Choose the best for your space and lifestyle. Are you ready to find your perfect chair side table for your lift chair? Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the key considerations when selecting a side table for a small space?

When selecting a side table for a small space, consider the table’s footprint and scale in relation to the room. Look for slim designs or tables with multiple levels to maximize vertical space without overcrowding the area. The table should not impede movement or be too large to fit comfortably between other pieces of furniture.

How do I determine the appropriate height for a side table in relation to my chair or sofa?

To determine the appropriate height, measure from the floor to the top of the chair or sofa armrest. Your side table should be roughly that height or slightly lower to keep everything comfortably within reach and maintain a cohesive look.

What are the advantages of choosing a chairside table with storage features?

A chairside table with storage features such as drawers or shelves offers a place to neatly stow items like remote controls, magazines, or chargers, keeping your living space organized and clutter-free. This is especially helpful in smaller living areas where efficient use of space is crucial.

What should I look for in a side table suitable for elderly users for maximum convenience and safety?

For elderly users, look for a stable side table with rounded corners to prevent injury. Choose a table that can be easily reached from a seated position and with easy-to-use handles or knobs on any drawers for convenience. It’s also beneficial to opt for a table with a suitable height to prevent any strain while reaching or bending.

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