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Senior Parents – as our parents reach their golden years, we notice the changes in their lives. These changes affect their daily lives, but also the lives of family members. Although each life is unique, our families share many common concerns.

Decades ago, families lived as multi-generational and one generation learned from the previous. Adults knew how to manage the needs of eldehome pagerly parents as they had grown up in similar arrangements. Rarely did elderly live in residential facilities. Children of all ages helped care for the elderly parents and grandparents. Moreover, nieces and nephews often assisted with care of aunts and uncles. Families pulled together and helped elders as well as children.

Today’s world is quite different than that of just a couple of generations ago. Families may be smaller and often live far apart. Retirees may choose to live in assisted living facility, rather than with family. From assisted living, they may be moved to full-care nursing homes. Families visit when they can.

Although this is the current trend, many now choose to live with family, rather than in facilities. While this arrangement might prove challenging, advantages are many. Mother-in-law suites, granny pods, and other living arrangements provide closeness combined with independence.

Combined living arrangements often cost more upfront, but families benefit from savings over time. In addition to saving on living expenses, the family benefits from knowing that their beloved senior is being well cared for. Usually, the elderly express much greater happiness, which translates to better health overall.

Your family chooses the plan that is best for you and your parents.


Weigh all your options. Consider your senior’s needs and desires. Remember that any choice can be modified or changed.

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Let’s all help each other as we help our senior family members!

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