Seniors and Caregivers Need The Best Elderly Alert System Pendants

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Top Emergency Alert Devices For Seniors Right Now

Many retired people choose emergency alert pendants as compared to their in-home counterparts. It’s because they allow for better mobility due to their size and portability. Yet the truth is that there are so many emergency medical devices for seniors in the market right now. Thus, choosing the right one is important.

Here are some of the leading companies and the gadgets they offer to the public.

Medical Guardian


This company promises round-the-clock protection with the devices they provide. But they let clients borrow rather than buy their equipment. There is also no activation fee. They only ask for monthly and annual fees for their services and the lowest price is $27.45 per month.


Below are examples of the portable pendants that they supply.

Mini Guardian


  • This model is lightweight at 1.3 ounces, compared to the home system version of it. So carrying it around is easy. It’s called mini because it measures 2.72 inches in height and 1.38 inches in width with a depth of 0.57 inches. It makes traveling with it in secret very possible.
  • The device promises continuous checking. It comes with a rechargeable battery. Its power can last for five days without charging.
  • It has a rating of IP67 which makes it water-resistant. So taking a bath or even swimming with it wouldn’t be a problem.
  • The gadget comes with a 2-way speaker to guarantee crystal clear communication.
  • It can use Wi-Fi and GPS technology for tracking.
  • It is available as a fall detection service for an extra fee.

Mobile Guardian 2

It is a pendant that you not only could wear around your neck but also clip on clothes, belt, or put in your bag. Its versatility makes it one of the ideal emergency alert devices for seniors. It comes in black and white and includes a necklace plus a wristband. Read on to find out more about its specifications.

    • It is bigger than the Mini Guardian but portable as well. Its dimensions are 2.6 and 1.5 inches in height and width. Its depth is 0.64 inches. At 1.7 ounces, it isn’t heavy at all. So it is easy to hang and even hold.
    • It keeps tracking the wearer with its use of LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS.
    • A lithium-ion battery rechargeable pack powers up the device. So, it can run for 5 days straight after a full charge. Also, it can keep monitoring while it is charging.
    • This model is also waterproof making it usable anywhere and anytime.
    • It is open to having a fall detection add-on at a price.

Bay Alarm Medical


This provider also gives clients compact and lightweight gadgets made for elderly mobility. The devices have long battery life and water-resistant features. This makes them perfect for outdoor use. So it is also ideal for old people who travel often and have long trips.

People may avail of the company’s flexible plans and folks can unsubscribe anytime too. But there are fees for different plans and unique services that make them different. Know more about them with the details that come after.


GPS Mobile Help Button

        • Having one of these devices will cost a person $79. Also, there is the Lite and upgraded Plus plans to avail of. The former is at $29.95 per month and the latter is at $39.95 per month. Yet at least the shipping for the unit and one month are free for quarterly and annual plans.
        • These plans allow for caregiver tracking. It means being able to locate the current position and location history of the wearer. It also makes device battery checking or notifications available. These features make it one of the choice emergency alert devices for seniors.
        • Mobile fall detection is available only to the Plus subscribers. With this service, the emergency response becomes available in the event of falls. That is even without the need to press the button for aid.
        • This has 4G and LTE coverage and so tracking and response time is fast.



This group has been around since 1976. They distribute practical emergency alert devices for seniors. They provide the elderly folks with some of the smallest GPS-enabled, two-way pendants. Available in white, black, and silver, they come with a lifetime warranty on product defects. Fees to buy them and for their installation and activation are unnecessary.

VIP and VIPx

  • These work with Verizon or AT&T 4G LTE only. That’s because they depend on LifeFone’s cellular service. But these units identify people’s location using Wi-Fi, GPS, and cellular technology.
  • Both versions are rechargeable, lightweight and small, and water-resistant. Charging them only requires mounting them on a charging stand. It is easy to carry them as a neck pendant or have them clipped elsewhere near the body. There’s no issue in using them while taking a shower.
  • The VIP has a longer battery life than the VIPx. But the VIPx is upgradeable with fall detection at $5 a month and the caregiver app at $8 a month.
  • If you need to cancel your service with them, you must return your equipment at your expense. But at least their plans do not demand commitment.

Guide To Selecting The Best Elderly Alert System 

It would be wise to choose from the different emergency alert devices for seniors. Caregivers and old folks must think about their needs and capabilities first. Not all plans are affordable for everyone. Some offers are even more ideal for others based on their demands.

emergency alert devices for seniors

With this, peace of mind is achieved.

 The following are some recommendations to find the best one to avail of. These are things to consider before making any commitment.


How would a retired person use one? Would he or she wear it as a pendant or attach the device elsewhere preferable? These are some of the questions that need answers to before selecting. Yet, for the most part, it would be smart to choose one that is wearable and easy to use.

Lastly, the unit needs to be light and its button has to be easy to press. Some old folks may be feeble and only lift lightweight objects and hold down a button fast.


There’s also the matter of making regular payments. Getting a device means subscribing to a service too. It would entail that you keep paying fees for as long as you are going to use a gadget. Thus, it pays to see the plans and their cost first.

Some companies charge customers to borrow or buy their equipment. Also, others let clients sign contracts with contractual conditions. So consider choosing a group that has fees you can afford and terms you are at ease with.

Reliability of The Customer Service and Monitoring Center

Always ask questions, read reviews, and do some research. It is a good way to know where to access emergency alert devices for seniors. Not all companies are the same in how they serve clients. Some are more reliable than others. So make an effort to investigate.

For instance, it may be necessary to see if a company has gained favorable feedback. That is from groups like the Better Business Bureau and previous clients. Its monitoring center needs to have accreditation, backup power, and also live agents.

emergency alert devices for seniors

Why Seniors and Caregivers Need Emergency Alert Devices For Seniors

Elderly folks are vulnerable. Anything could happen to them at any time, indoors or outdoors. So they might as well have something on them to notify people of their whereabouts. It would be better to have that which can inform about what happened to them too.


Caregivers can use this to locate and help old people manage during times of trouble. The information of the wearers is already with the manufacturers. Holding down the help button can get seniors connected to experts who can aid them fast.

In Conclusion

Because of their function, caregivers and geriatric folks are after these gadgets. So picking one too makes sense. Yet it may be wise to take time to see the various emergency alert devices for seniors first. Comparing often leads to finding the right one. Also, looking at the leading models could help.

Yet you shouldn’t feel intimidated by or back out from getting one. These devices provide convenience, the fastest emergency response, and calmness. They are too useful to take for granted since they can aid in dealing with possible elderly mishaps.

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